Thursday, May 10, 2012

Process Post

On my "Design Wall Monday" post I shared a project that I was trying to decide what to do with.
this is what my design wall looked like.
I purchased these blocks pre-made. Looking at the center square, it was obvious she was working on a disappearing 9patch.
close up of the other 4 blocks
close up of the print! FISH!!
So....after debating on whether or not I wanted to do a disappearing 9 patch pattern (as opposed to just throwing in some solids and borders)...I decided that I did want to. So...I cut the patches down and arranged them.
my layout at first
 Lisa and I looked at this and decided I needed to phenagle another row out of it somehow.
so, I cut some fabric. 

and seam ripped some fabric
until I could have enough for THIS layout!

time for the borders!


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