Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure-Part 2! Harry Potter!

I really enjoyed visiting Hogsmeade! (The Harry Potter town). It was SO neat! They did a great job recreating it!
Kyle didn't want anything to so with it because of all the references to witchcraft and spells...so he and Ronnie went and played at the interactive fountain while Dr. Sweda and I explored the town! It was amazing!

I love that some of the chimneys are crooked!

all the wands

the book that bites!


so pretty!

look at the trunks!
Kyle & I did go on all the rides in Hogsmeade together. In fact, after the first few times on the Hogswart ride, we started going on as single riders and rode it about 6 times! There was NO wait that way and we had a great time.

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