Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Family Meetings

One of my friends asked me what we discuss at our family meetings other than deciding the family activity for the I typed out a quick rundown and decided to share it on here in case there is anyone else wondering.

There are several different formats in the back of the accountable kids book, but the one we do though goes over the following things:

1. Accountable Kids: This basically just talks about the program...the progress for the week, any "bonus bucks" that need to be cashed in, and any areas that need work...oh and the progress on the "date" card is also acknowledged.

2. Schedules-I didn't think this would be relevant for us since our child is young and it's just the three of us, but it's really helped. We go over everything we have going on for the next week and see if there are any conflicts, etc.
 For example-we had scheduled a day at Universal Studios with all three of us, our friend Dr Sweda and Jimmy for a particular Thursday a few weeks ago (Ronnie is off on Thursdays)...because we have our meetings on Sunday, Ronnie was able to hear that and say "wait a minute-I actually have to work this Thursday" we were able to call the other two and let them know right away--normally this would have been a night before revelation :)

3. Problems & Solutions: Any problems that need to be addressed. This is where I bring up a behavior or something that someone is doing that I can't live with. Rather than being reactive, it's addressed in a calm manner and a solution is normally easily worked out. This is also where Kyle expressed to Ronnie and I that a friend of his was treating him poorly. I quickly became a fan of family meetings once I saw how it opened the "table" for discussion.
This is also where we list things that are out of the ordinary that need to be done-for example...we were piling our recycling stuff on the floor in the kitchen next to our trash can and then once a day or so taking it out to the recycling bins. This was driving Ronnie NUTSO. So in one of our meeting he brought that up and we decided we would get a separate trash can in the kitchen for recycling--most of the time we have more recyclable items than non I went to the store that week and got a trash can....first of all the expense was planned, not impulsive and it was a "problem" that we solved.

4. Family Rules-this is a time that the family rules can be questioned and discussed openly...meaning Ky won't get in trouble for questioning a rule...a lot of times he actually makes sense and has some great ideas. We decide if there are any rules that need added, removed or changed.

5. Finances. This can sometimes be very in depth...other times it's super quick. We go through anything we might need $ for for the week...i.e. family activity, cub scout activity, etc. And if it's an in depth night we will make a list of wants and needs and then categorize those lists into short term and long term. It really allows us to objectively look at what we may want to do and weigh the cost vs the benefit. It also teaches children to plan rather than be impulsive buyers.

6. Values & Virtues: We choose a value or virtue each week to focus on. Our first on was honor, another we did was courage. Kyle looks it up in the dictionary while Ronnie looks it up through scriptures in the bible. They both read them out loud and we talk about it and give some examples. We try to really go out of our way to show that value in our life that week and Kyle earns what are called "best behavior cards" when I see him genuinely showing that trait in his character. Best Behavior cards are not given if they are asked for.

That's it for ours!!
We write everything down on one of the forms in a 3 ring binder) and the following week we look back over what was discussed the previous week.-we will see if problems were solved and mark them off, etc.
Also we have a list called "Points to Discuss" that anyone can jot down at anytime something that they want to be discussed at the next meeting.

It might feel corny at first, but it builds a "team" feeling within the family unit. It's really awesome!!

This pic is really crummy because I snapped it with my phone and there wasn't much light....but you get the idea :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Life update:

We are really enjoying our summer break! Along with implementing the Accountable Kids program, we have started doing weekly family activities! These are planned at our family meeting on Sundays-we choose what it is we are going to do and pick what day we will do it. The anticipation builds throughout the week while we await the day...IT's GREAT!!
We've gone to the movies, Wekiva Falls, Putt Putt golf, had dinner out and then walked around the mall, picnicked in the park.... It's a wonderful, FOCUSED time of hanging out together, doing something fun as a family. We really love it! It seems like such a simple concept but yet when it is made a priority, it changes the whole atmosphere in the home. It's great!!
Speaking of Accountable Kids....I LOVE IT!! It is still as fabulous as it was when we started! Kyle is just two days away from earning his "special date" card. The pre-determined outing this time around is Wet N Wild! It is supposed to be with one parent or the other but Kyle wants ALL of us to go :) I'm good with that! It's going to be such fun.

Recently I went to stay with my Ahma while my Aunt and Uncle took a break. They went to the Keys!!! Ronnie and I are planning a family vacation there ourselves...if you have any tips on where to stay/go/what to do...or the opposite (where NOT to go/stay/do) please let us know! All knowledge is warmly welcomed.
Ronnie came over on Sunday night. He was playing the guitar that my Uncle gave to him and singing and my Ahma was just enjoying the heck out of it! She had her foot tapping and her hands clapping :o)
Here are a couple pics :)

My Aunt & Uncle had a dove with TWO babies in a nest in their flower baskets!! SO NEAT!! (I didn't see the babies, just the Momma, but my Uncle told me afterwards that there were two babies in there!)

And this is what my plant looked like when I got home :( Ronnie forgot to water it, lol. I am glad to report that it made a full recovery in less than 48 hours though!!

VBS....Vacation Bible School is FAST approaching and this year is y first as the Director. Thankfully the Pastors wife, who has previously directed VBS is right there to help me each step of the way. Please be in prayer for the week of July 17-21st, as that is our VBS week. I am really excited about this b/c it is just an AMAZING theme!'s a Panda and jungle theme this year! And next years theme was recently revealed...SKY. It looks like SO much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the training meeting for all our volunteers...and I have a terrible please pray for me to be well enough to speak without hacking up a lung ;)

WINGS....I am SUPER excited about this new ministry. A dear friend, Val is starting a new Women's ministry called WINGS-Women In God's Service. She has asked me to partner with her in this endeavor!! We will be launching soon and including a Children's ministry called "FLY"-we're still working on an acrostic for this...any ideas? I have thought of about 20 but haven't decided yet!
God is doing AMAZING things!! The more I lean on Him, the better my life is :)

Well....that's the update! I hope you all are doing well! Love ya lots!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Debbie Macomber comes to MY TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of you know that I LOVE Debbie Macomber!!!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about her book signing event coming to Mount Dora, Fl. today.
I'll get right to the pics!

us in the car after we parked for the event!

waiting for it to start!

excited faces!!

waiting, waiting, waiting!

DEBBIE MACOMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pronounced like "maycumber", btw---we asked!).

Raising my hand to ask her a question!! I asked her (since the Cedar Cove Series is ending this year---books 11 & 12 will be out this year and that's it for the Cedar Cove series) if she would consider basing her next series in MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA!!! (She said no, but I tried!!) :o)

Waiting in line for the book signing afterwards!

The fun ladies we were chatting with while waiting in line.

PART of the line. (We had fast passes, but still waiting a long while).

This lady was a couple of people ahead of us. Monday is her 84th birthday!! We sang to her!...but "dude"...check out her shoes!

THEY'RE AIRWALKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M NEXT! I'M NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

The woman in front of me!!!!!

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! IT'S FINALLY MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me explaining why I brought THIS particular book for her to sign!!!!!!

The reason is that THIS book's cover has inspired me to make a quilt using those SPECIFIC, unique colors!


Me and Debbie Macomber

Another pic of ME and Debbie Macomber!!!! :o)

Lisa's TURN!!!!!! She was so nice to let me go first! :)))

Lisa with Debbie Macomber!!

Me and Lisa with Debbie!!

YAYYYYYYY! Thank you Debbie for coming to Mount Dora!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Test mobile blog post

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow! Has it REALLY been 3 1/2 months???

Unbelievable! I LOVE BLOGGING!! WHY have I not done more of it?
Well...I am just going to pick up where I am b/c if I try to make up for missed posts I'll just become discouraged.
I went to the FPEA Convention and am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO inspired! 3 main things stuck HUGE with me...
1. Accountable Kids-a system that is worth a million dollars in my opinon!
2. Nicholeen Peck-all I can say is WOW. The Power of Calm and Teaching Self-government-MUST hears (or reads).
3. Skill -VS- Will. your child being willfully defiant? or are they daydreaming, etc and just need some more guidance/skill/help to refocus? Don't chastise them for a skill issue as if it was a will issue.

There's the summary! My life has changed SO much since convention...just because of the change inside of me that those three things inspired. I would HIGHLY recommend them ALL!!!!!!

Also...I am SUPERdeeDUper excited about next years homeschooling!! We are breaking out of the textbook mold a little! I CAN'T WAIT!!! We are going to be using Trailblazers and Progeny Press for reading, rather than a reading curriculum. And I'm dropping the Spelling curriculum...we'll pull a variety of words from across our subjects and use them for spelling-and we will still utilize Spelling City. I found a GREAT Science curriculum for next year too!! I am gong to HATE waiting through Summer to start! Prior to attending convention I could NOT WAIT for the school year to be done. But batteries are recharged and I am ready to go! But........Kyle is ready for SUMMER!  :)