Tuesday, September 30, 2008


St. Augustine is AMAZING! I mean TRULY amazing. Well, we have been a very busy family. We went to Cypress Gardens on Friday, had friends over Saturday (they have 7 kids!!), my Dad and Ruth came over on Sunday and Monday we had a field trip to St. Augustine!! We rested yesterday and today we have science day with another homeschool family and tomorrow is the first of three interactive classes at the Sanford Zoo called Xtreme Reptiles. Whew...yea, I'm just a little tired. That is the quick summary of the last few days. If you would like details, please call me...it is too much to write! :) Here are some pics and you can always check out my Myspace for ALL the pics. From Friday to Monday I took 179 photos!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boyscouts it is

Kyle's best friend just joined Boy Scouts and Kyle wants to join with him. Since dance is $75 a MONTH!! I told Ky that he would have to pick....Boy Scouts or Dance. He chose Boy Scouts. He will probably go back into dance when he is a little older. The older classes have just tap--which is what he really wants to do. The younger classes (like the one he has been attending) are primarily Ballet and Tap....but he always gripes about having to do ballet. So...no more dance-for now-and Boy Scouts it is. Normally we wouldn't let him change his mind once he commits to something, but b/c of the cost of dance we are totally fine with it. If he isn't LOVING it....we don't want to pay that kind of money.
It really is great that him and Kyle (his best friends name is Kyle too) will be doing this together b/c since we've moved they have not seen each other much at all. They are great friends and Kyle 2 (thats what we call them when they are around each other, lol...Kyle 1 -ours- and Kyle 2- his best friend) is a very good boy, so I would hate to see their friendship diminish b/c of a measly 20 minute distance. Ronnie loves Kyle 2 too (which is RARE for Ronnie) and is glad that they can do the campouts, etc together.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Florida Aquarium is awesome!

We had an incredible time yesterday at the Florida Aquarium in St. Pete. It was Homeschool Day there so the admission was only $3.00! It's regularly $17.95 for adults & $13.95 for children!! We saw SO many species of fish, coral, etc etc. IT WAS TRULY TRULY AMAZING. We went at a slow pace so the kids could just see everything they wanted to. It was great watching their excitement over seeing this or that. :) After going through the main areas the children played in this outdoor water play area thingy. It's like a big playground of a ship but with water everywhere shooting out, etc. It was SO much fun! My friend has the pics on her camera, so I will get them on here just as soon as I can. (I am still boggled at this INCREDIBLE fish that I saw....it's UNBELIEVABLE! I can't think of the name but I will post the pic soon. I cannot believe it's a fish!).

We got a new car the other night. I'm really excited about it. The Saturn has been such a blessing to us but it's nice to have something newer and with some bells and whistles. I am totally lost looking for the buttons for the windows and locks though! lol. But I really love it. It's a Jeep Liberty. And it's green...which I love! It reminds me so much of my Xterra (and as most of you know I HATED getting rid of that!! That was the best vehicle we've ever owned!) but this is SO much more affordable than my Xterra.

We will have a busy rest of the month as far as field trips go. Next Friday we are going to Cypress Gardens ($5.00 Fridays for the rest of September if anyone wants to go with us!!) And then that following Monday the 29th we are heading to St. Augustine for Homeschool Day at The Old Florida Museum. I am really excited about that!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What a weekend!

We had Tom and Leann and their three children over on Saturday for dinner. We all had an awesome time! Joey (the oldest of their boys) adores Kyle....it's Kyle this and Kyle that all the time. Jimmy, their youngest, is such a little cuddlebug! And Leighton is such a proud sissy of all these boys :) The kids played, I got to hear some VERY funny and interesting stories about my Dad as a kid, and towards the end....Ronnie got ganged up on, LOL! Sunday we went to my Dad's house to see Kevin off for another year away at school. I think he will be a youth pastor when he comes back home this time....but I am not exactly sure on that. Crystal and Adam drove over and were there also so we got to see some of the 1600 photos the photographers took of their wedding. THEY ARE AWESOME! OH! And I am attaching a video of Kyle singing to me this morning. HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!