Monday, July 7, 2008

My chi thinks he's a golden! LOL

Yesterday we took Mattie (our Golden Retriever) and Linus (our chihuahua) to the lake. Of all things, Mattie was AFRAID of the water!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO! Ronnie got the biggest kick out of this, lol. She would hunch down real low and kinda go back and forth, then the water touched her paw and she took a flying leap backwards.
As many of you already know, Mattie LOVES to play ball. It is her absolute favorite thingin the world to do. So......Ronnie threw a ball in the lake. Well....du du du du (that was supposed to be all sing songy, lol) my long coat chihuahua runs into the lake....thinking he can just run and not realizing the ground was about to drop out from under him, get the ball. Well, he swam back and kept going in over and over and over. He loves to swim! Mattie eventually went in and then it seems instinct kicked in b/c she then acted like a normal golden retriever, lol.

We went fishing some out on our dock yesterday evening. There was a massively huge cottonmouth dead right by the pontoon boat. It looks like a boat propeller hit it. But dang, it's kinda scary that they are in the canal THAT big.

Nemo is gone. :((( Ronnie thinks he must have been bit by a snake or something. (How men get this great intelligence out of a million possibilities to think they know the ONE that happened, is beyond me, LMAO!) He has brought us snakes all the time since we've moved here and he has been bitten two or three times by a snake. I just cannot believe it though. It REALLY sucks.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hi all,
I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July :)
We went over to my Mom's and had lots of friends and family over.
It was a lot of fun.
Then yesterday we went over to the new house and did some yard work and Ronnie cleaned out his truck. He is thinking of bartering it for a dirtbike for me that he found. Whatever, lol. :) It's a trails dirtbike, so it would be ok for me, but we will see.
Then it was time for the 400....and that was a GOOD race.
Unfortunately "the punk" as I call him won.
Today we are heading to church and then just chillin' for the day.
Nemo is nowhere to be found and I am freaking out. I think something bad has happened b/c he is ALWAYS at the house. He is SO sweet and he was Kyle's first pet. He even flops over on his side on the sidewalk so strangers walking by can pet him, lol. I hope to God he comes home today, but it is SO out of character for him to be gone that I don't really feel confident that he will.
The only other thing I can think of is if someone picked him up to take him home b/c he IS so sweet. But Nemo is an escape artist, so if that did happen, he will be coming home soon.

OK, well, I am going to go pour my coffee and chill for the next hour.
Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!