Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SO much to say!'s been just over a month since I last posted.
I have been busy working on a quilt for Kyle. It is a surprise for him to open on Christmas morning!! I've done tons of custom quilting on this thing and i just LOVE it!

Here I quilted in the plateaus as well as around the horses and in the horses mane and tails and the brown grass.

You can't really see the quilting in the snake on this one, but I did all around the snake and around his eye and down his tongue. I also quilted in the mountains and the ground as well as the green plant.

I quilted all in the plateaus and around each mountain lion. I did all the plants too.

This one has quilting up and down all of the cacti, throughout the ground covering and each prairie dog is outlined.

I did lots in this one....around the turtle and around each bump on the turtle's shell. I quilted in the mountains and in the ground too.

up close of the turtle's shell

My favorite block on this quilt.

Up close of my fav block
 I will post a full size pic of the quilt once I finish binding it. I have named this quilt "a memory of Nevada".

Here are the crayon quilt mats Kyle made for Christmas gifts to family this year. He calls this one the "Caramel Warrior"

Here are two more he made.

Finished product! He also made those ornaments for gifts :)

back of the mats

My thought for Valentine's Day.

Round Robin. I added the last border.

MY round robin. This was accidentally sent to me a round too early! But I LOVE it, so I am not wanting to send it on to the person who is supposed to add the 5th border ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Process Pledge Post

OK, since it has been so long since I've posted about my quilting...I am going to just pick up where I am at...I'm sure eventually all of my WIP's  will make it on here.

This week I have been working on my Nov/Dec Doll Quilt Swap.

I finished the top today. Here it is:
 I have been loving making yo-yo's! I've been using the Clover yo-yo makers and they are great!

I've been making these while sitting at Kyle's baseball games and Cub Scout meetings.

Last month was my first month doing the Doll Quilt (DQ) swap on I really enjoyed making the miniature quilt and sending off to my swap partner. I made a birthday themed DQ for her b/c her bday was in early Nov. The pics I have are really bad but it's all I've got. I did a lot of embellishments on it and it was just adorable!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In! Virtual style!!

Join in on this fun online sew-in!

Click here to find out how to join in! It's super easy, fun and there will be PRIZES!!!

I can't wait! I have several projects to get finished up!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November so far!

We have had an EXTREMELY eventful month so far! And it's not even mid-month!!!!

We went to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Museum Homeschool Day, then to the beach.

Cintas, the new company Ronnie is working for, had their Family Day at the Orlando Science Center.

Nov 6th was mine and Ronnie's 11 year wedding aniversary.

Nov 10th was Kyle's 9th birthday.

Kyle's been busy with Cub Scouts and baseball!

I hope you've enjoyed the update!
I will post a process post of my quilting and sewing soon!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I have not blogged in SOOOOOOO long!
That's horrible, isn't it!!? I actually had to go back and look at what I last blogged about to remember all I haven't blogged about! Geesh...the BTS field day. I decided to start with "The Simple Woman's Daybook" post.

FOR TODAY: Tuesday, November 3, 2010

Outside my window...cloudy sky, with the sun peeking through here and there. I am hoping it is going to rain again today.

I am thinking...that I have an opportunity today to minister to several children.
I am thankful pastor

From the learning rooms...ops-normal around here. School is more intense this year than previous years. Kyle's doing great with the larger work load though. Tomorrow we have a field trip to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Museum. I LOVE this homeschool day!
From the's been too hot for me to really be in the mood to cook lately...but that will change this weekend!

I am wearing...pj's
I am creating...doll quilts, water bottle totes, aprons and dog scarves

I am reading..."Endless Chain" by Emile Richards. This is the second in a series of novels that have quilting woven throughout them. I am also listening to "1022 Evergreen Place", by Debbie Macomber on a DAD device. This is book 10 in the Cedar Cove Series that I love so much.I hope she comes out with book 11 soon! And...I am listening to the book on CD "Fancy Pants" by Cathy Marie Hake.

I am also doing a new bible study through Uniform Series. I am studying the book of Psalms. I just started this new study yesterday but I did about a week's worth of it and am really liking it so far. I am using my Max Lucado Bible for it. (I had forgotten I had that one until yesterday).
I am hoping...that I don't get too pooped out today, before the craft night tonight.

I am hearing...the fan and Kyle writing and erasing.

Around the house...I have church curriculum coming out my ears. I am in the process of going through it to sort it into the "we'll use this" pile or the "give this away pile". I can't wait to finish organizing it so I can get it on a shelf at the church.

One of my favorite things...the pretty flowers in my pond. Each day it's a surprise how many will be there. Each afternoon the close up and fall into the water until they arise the next morning. For some reason it is quite enthralling to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week...I am going up to help with the after school kids today from 1-5:30/6:00ish. Then we have Kids Craft Hour tonight from 7-8.  Kyle is going to Lisa's today for swimming, hiking and a trip to the local art museum! (For those of you who are local...they took down the comic books and snacks exhibit and have a new one up!). Kyle has a baseball game tonight. Tomorrow is our field trip. Friday night Kyle has practice, Saturday he has a game. Saturday is also me and Ronnie's 11 year wedding anniversary!!!! ...and Sunday is church. Tada! that's our week!

Here is picture thought I am was difficult to choose just one today! Here is one of the flowers I was talking about i the pond.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Enter here!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pets on Quilts SHOW!!

Here is my entry for the "Pets on Quilts" show!

This is my fabric loving cat, Jacob. His all time fav fabric is...FLEECE!
He's napping on a fleece rag-top quilt in this picture!

Jacob is ALWAYS getting on my quilts, fabric and projects...I wish I could enter 50 pics b/c I def have them! :)

Want to enter a photo into the Pets on Quilts show?
Go HERE to join in! August 21st is the deadline!!

Back to School Field Day!

We had 37 kids come out for our 1st Annual BTS Field Day!
What a BLAST we had!
We consumed almost 100 bottles of water and just under 70 hotdogs!
Our church was beyond generous in their donations for this event!
EVERY child left with a backpack filled with the school supplies! It was a wonderful outreach to our community!!
All the backpacks stuffed!

Tug o war!

Sack Races!!

Our pre-k & K's playing tug o war! (so cute!)
Crab walk!

Pre-k & k sack races!
Get ready for lunch!

Pre-k & k water balloon toss!

1st grade + water balloon toss

Ronnie got me with 5 or 6 water I had the kids attack him :0)

What's a field day without KICK BALL!!

What an AMAZING day we had! Thank you EVERYONE for your generous donation!