Thursday, November 18, 2010

Process Pledge Post

OK, since it has been so long since I've posted about my quilting...I am going to just pick up where I am at...I'm sure eventually all of my WIP's  will make it on here.

This week I have been working on my Nov/Dec Doll Quilt Swap.

I finished the top today. Here it is:
 I have been loving making yo-yo's! I've been using the Clover yo-yo makers and they are great!

I've been making these while sitting at Kyle's baseball games and Cub Scout meetings.

Last month was my first month doing the Doll Quilt (DQ) swap on I really enjoyed making the miniature quilt and sending off to my swap partner. I made a birthday themed DQ for her b/c her bday was in early Nov. The pics I have are really bad but it's all I've got. I did a lot of embellishments on it and it was just adorable!

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