Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ladee da

I have been really sick....ugh!! Thankfully I am over most of it now though. Ronnie has been busy getting ready for the Mobility Impaired hunt next weekend. Then the following weekend is the Boy Scout campout for him and Kyle.
Kyle had a spelling test yesterday...which he got a 100 on....and today he has his Chapter 2 English test...mostly dealing with subject-nouns and verbs. There will also be some alphabetizing on this test. He is doing SO well with his schoolwork. We are just about at the end of review in Math...we are on lesson 19 today and he will have a test at lesson 20. After that he will actually start learning NEW things!! YAY! Kyle enjoyed Class 1 of the three part series called "Xtreme Reptiles" at the Sanford Zoo last Thursday. Tomorrow is class two! We have been learning about the planets in our Science class these past two weeks. I am learning things that I know in my mind I must have learned at some point in school....but really have NO recollection whatsoever! Did you know that the sun is an ORDINARY star!!?? there is nothing extraordinary about it at all. It's as hot as a regular star, as big as a regular's just 3000x closer to us than the next star out. I had NO idea!!

I am super excited for my sis in law, Nancy. She has decided to homeschool her daughter this year. Hayleigh started Kindergarten when school started and they just pulled her out a couple of weeks ago. She is going to be such a great homeschool teacher...she is one of those Moms who has always worked with her children...from little on up. She has basically homeschooled all along :o)
They are in we can't do co-ops, etc together....but we sure have a lot of fun talking and emailing about it all.

This Saturday is my birthday party! Yay!! Becca is making the cake!!! We are just going to have a relaxing afternoon hanging will be so nice to see everyone.

Most of you know that I have had basically no use for the television the last few years...BOY HAS THAT CHANGED! With 90210 coming out and the new show "Privileged" that comes on afterwards...I AM ADDICTED! I love those shows!!!!!

Anyways, thats the update! XOXO