Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kyle's 10th Birthday!

Kyle hit double digits this year!!!
He wanted to have his bday party at Skateworld!
On his actual birthday day we gave him the gifts from us :)

Then he had LOTS of friends and family at his bday party that Saturday!

Sissy licking the frosting! LOL!!

At the end of the night when everyone was out there in socks, Abuela decided to get her groove on! ;)

LOL! She ROCKS!!!!


What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Although I am never one to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful, I was especially focused on being thankful today!

We were planning on heading to Vero Beach for Thanksgiving, but with Jimmy living here now, we wanted him to be a part of our day. So we stayed home and I cooked! Chris and his children also spent Thanksgiving day with us!

The menu was:
Turkey (of course)
stuffing~which I FORGOT to make!!!!
mashed potatoes with gravy from the turkey drippings
green bean casserole
potato salad
sweet potato casserole
pecan pie
pumpkin pie
apple crisp pie
banana pudding

We had a wonderfully relaxed day! I made the potato salad and pies the day before and cooked the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and casseroles Thanksgiving day. The hilarious thing is that I forgot to bring out the potato salad until dessert time!!! Oh well! We ate lots of food and had a good time.
Afterwards we watched Miami play football.....and lose. lol.
I don't have any pictures! I was so busy enjoying the day that I never got my camera out!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We had a fun time this year for Halloween! Kyle wanted to be a NINJA...........Stephen decided he would be Kyle's side-kick  And Alyssa was a pirate! It was a lot of fun!
Here are some pictures that I took...but you can see more over at my BFF's blog.

It's been 3 months since I last blogged!

Wow! I have really missed it too.
I am just going to do what I always do when it's been a while since I last blogged. I'm gonna just jump right in at where I am at...

I finished my International Round Robin! It took almost a year for it to makes it's rounds but I am SO pleased with how my top turned out! Not only did the others love the borders I added to theirs but I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!

Here it is! Isn't it great? It's not actually bubbly, that's just the way we have it laying. Everyone around the world did such a wonderful job!! I am so thrilled with it! It's a queen size, so it will go on my bed. I am thinking of having it professionally quilted.

Here is the quilt that I put the final border on and sent it home to its owner in Australia:
The border that I added to this quilt consisted of the skinny border under the diamonds, the diamond border (which was paper-pieced!) and then the wider, outer border to finish it off!   

I have also been working on my postage stamp quilt! I am using a quarter in these two pictures to show you a reference to size. I cut them into 2" squares before sewing them together.
I am just about finished with this quilt top. Once I sew all of the blocks together that I have finished, I will have a nice-sized utility quilt.   
Isn't she just darling? (I had to throw a pic of Patches in here) :)

Ronnie finally got my rod hung so that I can hang my quilts in the living room!!!

Here are some paper-pieced hearts I made for a Valentine's Day swap! I made six of them and I will send them in (to a lady in RENO, believe it or not!) and get 6 different blocks back.

For the first time ever, I dropped off a quilt top at a long-arm quilter to have it professionally quilted!! The quilt top that has the INSANELY tiny paper-pieced center that my dear friend Fran gave to me. I am having a medium sized design done on it, edge to edge of woodsy leaves. Here is a pic of the center that I sent off:
And here is the finished top, after several ladies added borders!
It will be about 4 weeks until it's finished at the long-arm quilters. I can't wait to see it!