Saturday, November 26, 2011


What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Although I am never one to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful, I was especially focused on being thankful today!

We were planning on heading to Vero Beach for Thanksgiving, but with Jimmy living here now, we wanted him to be a part of our day. So we stayed home and I cooked! Chris and his children also spent Thanksgiving day with us!

The menu was:
Turkey (of course)
stuffing~which I FORGOT to make!!!!
mashed potatoes with gravy from the turkey drippings
green bean casserole
potato salad
sweet potato casserole
pecan pie
pumpkin pie
apple crisp pie
banana pudding

We had a wonderfully relaxed day! I made the potato salad and pies the day before and cooked the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and casseroles Thanksgiving day. The hilarious thing is that I forgot to bring out the potato salad until dessert time!!! Oh well! We ate lots of food and had a good time.
Afterwards we watched Miami play football.....and lose. lol.
I don't have any pictures! I was so busy enjoying the day that I never got my camera out!!

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Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad you guys had a good day.