Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yay! Getting there....

We had a WONDERUL Thanksgiving. Lots of food and family and friends. I am so thankful for many things in my life. I stand in awe sometimes at where my life has gone and how blessed I am to have the people in my life that I do. Please know that I do not take a single one of you for granted.
Ok, past the sentimental stuff, lol...I am really coming along in my Christmas gift making!! I got A LOT done between Wednesday and last night...YAY!Things are getting to the "final steps" parts, which is GREAT. I did have to go get my fabric fix last night though...Joann's was having a great sale on their I scrounged up some change and headed out-NOT telling my husband where I was going until I was already there, lol. I feel better had been November 13th since I have had a fabric fix....I did join fabric-aholics annonymous, but it isn't helping much--since we all have the same "problem" ("problem" is the term our spouses use, not us) we just rationalize the need and head out in mass (all across America) to purchase, feel and browse the fabrics of whatever fabric stores are nearest to each of us. LOL!! hee hee!
Well, Mom just called, so I am heading down there for some coffee. Ronnie had a fire going for us this am but since he threw another log on it it is smoking--must've been a little green. It should light up nice soon though.
Plans for today: Ronnie is finishing cleaning out his workshop, I am going to be working on my Christmas projects, Kyle is currently watching his Saturday morning cartoons and will later be playing in the dirt, I am sure, lol.
Love to all!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday (this time only it's on a Tuesday) November 25, 2008.
Outside my window...a cloudy day, an empty hummingbird feeder, squirrels running around.
I am's going to be a fun day for Kyle today.
I am thankful wonderful husband and child. My family. My friends. The abilities God has blessed me with.
From the learning rooms...NOTHING! lol. No school this week. I will be planning next week on Friday.
From the I will be baking a cake. And, of course, gearing up for Thanksgiving.
I am FAVORITE attire!
I am creating...2 quilts, a table runner and ornaments.
I am be staying home this week.
I am reading..."Between the Tides".
I am hoping...that we will hear something about Nevada.
I am dishwasher running.
Around the house...things are pretty tidy indoors. The garden is growing well outdoors...and the yard needs picked up. The birds over the canal LOVE to swoop down and pick bread crumbs from the water.
One of my favorite sitting on the dock listening to nature while enjoying my coffee.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Cook Thanksgiving dinner, finish the table runner.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Serenity...this picture has a very special meaning, as well.

**If you would like to participate in the Simple Woman's Daybook...go here:

Last Push Quilt-a-thon!

Join in here!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pics from our vacation

Some of these are from the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, some are from Fort Matanzas, some are from Castillo de San Marcos, some are from The Fountain of Youth archaeological park and some are just from the beach! Enjoy!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

lazy dayz weekend

This weekend has been SO nice. We have just been plum lazy :) Yesterday we went hiking in a very primitive area and then came home and sat around a fire. Today we have just fiddle farted around all day. We sat and watched the birds this am (I figured out if I throw bread in the canal and on the roof of the dock they fly down and get a hundred birds!!) I made my gift to mail out for my Quilting Moms Christmas Exchange...but I can't say what it is b/c several Moms from there read my blog, lol. Ronnie watched football and Kyle played ALL day long.
It's been wonderful. :) Stay posted...Ronnie and I will be "unveiling" something very exciting sometime VERY soon!! (And, no, unfortunately I am not pregnant). We need to give my parents the respect of unveiling it to them privately first...then we will let it rip to the rest of the world!
Love to all!! ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pics of Ky's quilt!

Here are pics of the rag-top quilt I finished for Kyle! I've attached a pic of the front, back, a close up of the front fabric I used and then one with Ky standing on a stool trying to hold it up so I could get a pic, lol.

quilt #2 DONE!

So....have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sewing machine? For my bday Ronnie got me a machine....we could NOT afford the one I have b/c it was $650.00 (yea, pick your jaw back up, reaction was the same). Of course, you get what you pay for so this thing has every feature under the sun...literally...theres NOTHING it can't do. It even does embroidery! So anyways....we get one that was half that cost...I get it home and go to watch the dvd and Sears had rang up the less expensive one but sent me home with the more expensive one. To make this very long story short....Sears allowed me to keep the more expensive one even though I only paid half the price....AND they didn't charge me anything additional for changing the model # and serial # on the warranty that we had purchased on the less expensive machine! See....honestly really does pay off! =) It's the Kenmore 19606 and i LOVE this machine!!!!!!!
I was working on quilt #2--which I can't mention on here b/c it is a Christmas gift for someone-- and I got this hair up my butt to drop everything and work on the quilt that I had not yet started for Kyle. I was planning on making him a rag-top flannel quilt once I finished quilt #2...well, I started and I stayed up past 4am and got Ky's quilt done! He hasn't seen it yet...rag-tops have to be washed and dried once they are it is in the dryer now. It is beautiful!!!! I will post pics asap.
Oh...and as an aside: I forgot to mention on my post the other day that ROnnie and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary on November 6th. I mentioned all about everything else but forgot to mention that very important point! :o)

Well, Kyle and I are going to the beach timeshare for a week...we leave Saturday and will be back Friday night b/c we have to go on a Boyscout campout Saturday.
Talk with ya'll later!!!!
God Bless!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just a relaxing few days

We had had such a busy past few weeks that I am immensly enjoying doing nothing today. Kyle and Ronnie were camping at Crooms this past weekend for their annual "guys only" campout....twp weeks prior to that they had their Halloween campout at Camp La No Che. This coming Saturday Kyle and I leave for the beach for a week. I am bringing my sewing machine and hoping to get a lot of Christmas gifts done!!
I have finished my first quilt!!! Yay! I can't post pics because it is a gift for someone who reads my blog! :o) But, I am very excited about finishing it! I have started three others and am almost done with one of those three--another gift! Kyle and I have a special treat for everyone this year!
I just wanted to bounce on here and blog a little bit...I have met some great Moms in my homeschool group who are avid you all know: I go through spurts, lol.
I am currently having my coffee, sitting on my front porch with binoculars in hand watching the birds and squirrels. There is this one bird who I have seen for three days now...he hasn't braved the bird feeder yet-but everyday he gets closer and looks at it and stays there for a LONG time....but doesn't go to it yet. We will see if tomorrow he decides to brave it, lol.
The big news is that yesterday was Kyle's 7th birthday...sniffle, sniffle....where does the time go!!??! We didn't do school and he had a great day.
Well, I will talk with ya'll later!!!