Sunday, November 23, 2008

lazy dayz weekend

This weekend has been SO nice. We have just been plum lazy :) Yesterday we went hiking in a very primitive area and then came home and sat around a fire. Today we have just fiddle farted around all day. We sat and watched the birds this am (I figured out if I throw bread in the canal and on the roof of the dock they fly down and get a hundred birds!!) I made my gift to mail out for my Quilting Moms Christmas Exchange...but I can't say what it is b/c several Moms from there read my blog, lol. Ronnie watched football and Kyle played ALL day long.
It's been wonderful. :) Stay posted...Ronnie and I will be "unveiling" something very exciting sometime VERY soon!! (And, no, unfortunately I am not pregnant). We need to give my parents the respect of unveiling it to them privately first...then we will let it rip to the rest of the world!
Love to all!! ;)

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Miss Serenity said...

Looks like you all had fun! And, by the way, can't wait to see what the exciting news is. :)

Cute blog!