Friday, July 29, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I'm almost missed it again this week!

FOR TODAY: Friday, July 29th 2011.

Outside my's dark-almost 11pm (EST)

I am thinking...that I want to get a lot of sewing done tonight

I am thankful...for my Pastor and his wife, Candy-who are on vacation as of today!! ENJOY!!

From the learning rooms...Kyle is already missing school..I AM NOT! lol. He was asking if we could start math and reading ;) (I said "no")

In the kitchen...too hot for anything in the kitchen!

I am wearing...pj's!

I am creating...almost done, just have to sew on one last side for one of the Int'l Round Robin due out. Then I need to work on the next one that is due out August 15th! I am also making "funky farm" blocks for a swap, Fun and whimsical Holiday blocks for December, and a doll quilt for the August swap.

I am sew all night tonight and sleep til noon tomorrow!

I am much the Bobcat rental is going to be

I am reading..."The Knitting Diaries", "Small Town Christmas" (both by Debbie Macomber), "Sister's Choice", by Emilie Richards and "The Bible Jesus Read", by Philip Yancey

I am hoping...that we can do the beach theme skit at church Sunday, hee hee ;) "Righteous, dude".

I am looking forward to...sewing all night

I am hearing...blissful quiet

Around the a tad, new fridge (LOVE the filtered water from it!), getting ready to take a Bobcat to part of the backyard and then fill in one side of the pond! New rose bush in the front! SO pretty!!

I am pondering...whether or not I can accomplish 6 funky sheep blocks in the next few days

One of my favorite things...the water from my fridge :) seriously.

A few plans for the rest of the week: hmmm...we went to the movies tonight to see the premier of SMURFS! Tomorrow we are going to pick up Kyle's bedroom furniture, Sunday is church, Monday I have a chiro appointment, Wednesday is church, next Saturday we are taking the church kids to the beach!! :)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...ribbon, I love ribbon! Doesn't this picture just scream possibilities to you? Share them with me! please? ;)

Amazing Women Conference-July 2011

So we went and stayed at the Altamonte Springs Hilton for the July "Amazing Women" conference (Angela Courte hosts these). It was a FUN time!
Myself, Val, my Mom and my friend Beth all went!! We were able to split the room FOUR ways! Combine that with the great discount that Angela was able to get....$21 per person to stay at the Hilton and attend the FREE women's conference! Yea!
The speaker Friday night was Cheryl Grayson and she was just SO anointed. Saturday was the main conference though and it was also very good. I look forward to going again in August!
Here are some pics!!
Val Russo

my Mom-Cheryl Chambers

Beth Cates

 My mom HAD to have her bear, lol.

My son woke up (at home with Daddy at 6am Saturday morning throwing up and running a fever :((( Here is what I came home to:

My poor sweet angel.

Quilt Kit, luggage tag & more!

As promised, here is the finished picture of the luggage tag I made--I decided to give it to sissy bc she REALLY wanted one after seeing Lisa's and there was not enough time before they left for Italy for Lisa to make her one.
 Isn't she beautiful! ;)
This was right before Lisa and the kids left--we spent one last night sewing together!

I miss her so much already!!
Here is a quilt she is making for her brother, John who is in Afghanistan right now in the Air Force.

Very simple bc it either won't come back with him or it'll be in rags by the time it does.

On a happier note, did I show you all this yet?? I FELL in love and HAD to have this fleece fabric!!
Isn't it DARLING!?!?!?

Here is the kit that I bought a few months ago but have had packed away....

The applique patterns are already blown up to full-size templates! YAY!!
Here's a closer look at the fabrics-I LOVE them!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sewing/Quilting Progress Post!

SO I got 3 of the sides made for this round robin and used 3 yards (!) of fabric making them! I ran out of fabric! I couldn't find the blue and was going all over the store, near panic when I finally looked (as a LAST resort) in the "red tag" fabric-sure enough it had been moved there! YAY!! $4/yard for the same fabric I had just paid $9.99 a yard for a week and a half earlier!
So here is the RR with three sides attached-I have the fourth done but haven't put it on yet.
I had to do solid squares in the corners bc I could NOT get the "ribbon" pattern to flow right and Lisa isn't here to help so I got frustrated and did solids..I am happy with it though :)

On the quilting board they are doing a "Funky Farm" swap! I really want in on this but there is only like 2 weeks to make the blocks! I tried out ONE fun sheep that I found, to gauge if I thought I could accomplish a set in the given time with my other commitments. (A set is 6 blocks).
Isn't he DARLING?!! I decided I could NOT do a set in the time allotted but posted the pic on the board to share anyways and they are all wanting me to join in! So---SIGH--I cut two more out and we'll see if I can get 6 done.

And here is a pic of the progress that Jacob (my cat) and Jasmine (my BFF's cat whom I am cat-sitting for a few months) are getting along!
This pic is a tad deceiving though bc right after I took this they got annoyed with each other. lol.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's new!

Lots has happened since my last post!! We had vacation bible school last week!! Pandamania was the theme!
Here are a few pics from that!

It was such an amazing experience. We had anywhere from 61-81 kids every one of the 5 nights!!
And 12 children gave their heart to the Lord for the very first time! Heaven was rejoicing!

I've also been working on the International Round Robin--here is the center I received:
I decided to do a "rick-rack" type border-here's some of the border pieces:

of course, we are only looking at the border pieces, the applique blocks are irrelevant, just happen to be on the design wall.
Here is my thought for attaching them-not sure on the 4 corners how that will work though........hmmmmmm
 And I got new curtains in the living room & bedroom! Aren't they cute?!?
 They are blue, green and cream plaid--I LOVE THEM!
 These are cream with pink and green stripes!!
And I finally got the Family quilt hung that was a gift to me a few years ago-it's really cute, you slide pictures in the plastic slots!! Don't mind Ronnie's guitars in the way :)

I have Lisa's cat in my home while she is away! Here's a pic of Jasmine! She is a QUEEN in EVERY sense of the word! :)
Ta da! Talk with you soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Ready for the 2011 Pets On Quilts Show!!!


I LOVE looking at all the entries that come in for start snapping photos to get ther PERFECT one!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini wallet & luggage tag!!

My bestie and I sewed until almost 3am last night!! (well, this morning, I should say). She is traveling to Italy over the summer and wanted a small lil wallet to take just her bare necessities in.
We tried a new pattern and here's my wallet. THIS is where we found the mini wallet tutorial!

The front has two pockets...the main inside of the wallet, which is where you would put $, etc.:
And the front slidey in thingy-I put a yellow card in there to show it, but it's where you would put your id or credit card, etc.:
 Here's the back view:
Which also has a slidy thingy....
 that's the back "pocket"/slidy thing opened. you could fit some folded cash in there but I put my license there.

This was our first one of this pattern and Lisa didn't work all the bugs out like she normally does before I try to make anything with a's def NOT perfect...BUT...I have THREE more cut and ready to go!
Isn't it cute though!??!

We also made luggage tags...mine is not finished. Lisa's is done and it is SO ADORABLE! Here's progress. I just have to sew down the clear plastic with a cutesy ribbon ;) I'll post a finished pic once it's done!

You can see Lisa's finished luggage tag on her blog. It's SO cute!

And.....Lisa finished my Doll Quilt!! She purposely made it to match the 30's quilt I'm making!!! :o)

Here's the quilt I am making with the same fabrics:
I LOVE my doll quilt! Isn't it cute!
(I think Jacob approves too) ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I'm back at it! I have REALLY missed doing these posts!

FOR TODAY: Friday, July 8th 2011.

Outside my window...thick cloud covering

I am thinking...that I want this horrific headache to go away!!

I am thankful...for my husband and all he does for us.

From the learning rooms...Summer BREAK!

In the kitchen...too hot for anything in the kitchen!

I am wearing...pj's!

I am creating...not much creating lately, but lots of thinking about creating ;) I do need to get going on 2 round robins I have sitting here. I am also going to be starting a new quilt soon. And...I am ready to make another applique block!

I am a meeting at church tonight for the tweens and teens.

I am wondering...if I will get the three more volunteers I need for VBS!

I am reading...The Cat Who Turned On & Off, The Bible Jesus Read and Serendipity

I am hoping...that we have lots of kids again this Sunday!

I am looking forward to...Ronnie being home the next two days-he wasn't off Thursday this week :(

I am hearing...Yiruma

Around the house...nothing much happening. We'll be closing on the house within the next month!

I am's hard to ponder with this headache :(

One of my favorite new quilty space!

A few plans for the rest of the week: roller-skating (I'll be watching), movies, church

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...totally content ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend!!

Saturday Dad came over to hang out with us...his other half was away in Miami...

 The boys were SO wonderfully helpful since my back was out!

Then...........we watched the RACE!!

It was a nice, relaxing time!
On Sunday my children at church started the service by reading the preamble to the Constitution, stating that while we are the "land of the free" TRUE freedom comes from knowing Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, and singing "In God We Still Trust". IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few pics :)

They did SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! I'm so proud of them all!!

Monday, THE FOURTH OF JULY, we had Chris & Doreen over for a BBQ and to play in the pool.

She worked ALL day at making that "mud water"! lol.

 And then we went downtown to watch the fireworks! We had a FABULOUS weekend!