Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini wallet & luggage tag!!

My bestie and I sewed until almost 3am last night!! (well, this morning, I should say). She is traveling to Italy over the summer and wanted a small lil wallet to take just her bare necessities in.
We tried a new pattern and here's my wallet. THIS is where we found the mini wallet tutorial!

The front has two pockets...the main inside of the wallet, which is where you would put $, etc.:
And the front slidey in thingy-I put a yellow card in there to show it, but it's where you would put your id or credit card, etc.:
 Here's the back view:
Which also has a slidy thingy....
 that's the back "pocket"/slidy thing opened. you could fit some folded cash in there but I put my license there.

This was our first one of this pattern and Lisa didn't work all the bugs out like she normally does before I try to make anything with a's def NOT perfect...BUT...I have THREE more cut and ready to go!
Isn't it cute though!??!

We also made luggage tags...mine is not finished. Lisa's is done and it is SO ADORABLE! Here's progress. I just have to sew down the clear plastic with a cutesy ribbon ;) I'll post a finished pic once it's done!

You can see Lisa's finished luggage tag on her blog. It's SO cute!

And.....Lisa finished my Doll Quilt!! She purposely made it to match the 30's quilt I'm making!!! :o)

Here's the quilt I am making with the same fabrics:
I LOVE my doll quilt! Isn't it cute!
(I think Jacob approves too) ;)

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Anonymous said...

Those are all awesome. I will have to try to make a wallet and the luggage tags
Have fun sewing :)