Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Quilty Space!

So because the master bedroom is the warmest room in the evening, my hubby decided he wanted to swap my sewing room and the master bedroom! Isn't that GREAT!!!!!??!!!!!!!??!!!!
So...I FINALLY have enough room to actually be creatively functional! :o) SO THRILLED!

Here's my "new" quilty space!
This is my "main" sewing station.

My secondary sewing station-although it is cluttered up at the moment :)

The closet and one of the fabric dressers.........
This picture is special to me because my Ahma's best friend, Betty made it for her. She drew it and everything!

Here's the messy inside of the closet-but it's coming along! At least I can shut the door!! :)
I love having my full desk and computer in here!! I have LOUD speakers for my audio books or music and I can browse patterns/blogs online while in my room! Also since this is my fav room in the house...if I want to just be on the internet I can do it in MY space!
As we continue around the bookcase......
 Here is my FABULOUS cutting table and "design wall"!!!!!! (A flannel backed table cloth! It works every bit as well as a $50 "design wall")

Aren't my applique blocks BEAUTIFUL!!?? I love the quilt I am making with those!!

Here's the ironing area and more storage space!!
 I LOVVVVVVVVVVE my new space!!!!

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Carrie P. said...

Hi Lisa,
I have been checking out your blog. Love your space for creating quilts. And I love the one you are getting ready to work on.
I was a homeschool mom for 16 years. It was one of the best things I ever did. No regrets here.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and putting in an entry for me at KaHolly's blog. I hope you come back by for a visit sometime.