Friday, July 29, 2011

Amazing Women Conference-July 2011

So we went and stayed at the Altamonte Springs Hilton for the July "Amazing Women" conference (Angela Courte hosts these). It was a FUN time!
Myself, Val, my Mom and my friend Beth all went!! We were able to split the room FOUR ways! Combine that with the great discount that Angela was able to get....$21 per person to stay at the Hilton and attend the FREE women's conference! Yea!
The speaker Friday night was Cheryl Grayson and she was just SO anointed. Saturday was the main conference though and it was also very good. I look forward to going again in August!
Here are some pics!!
Val Russo

my Mom-Cheryl Chambers

Beth Cates

 My mom HAD to have her bear, lol.

My son woke up (at home with Daddy at 6am Saturday morning throwing up and running a fever :((( Here is what I came home to:

My poor sweet angel.

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