Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sewing/Quilting Progress Post!

SO I got 3 of the sides made for this round robin and used 3 yards (!) of fabric making them! I ran out of fabric! I couldn't find the blue and was going all over the store, near panic when I finally looked (as a LAST resort) in the "red tag" fabric-sure enough it had been moved there! YAY!! $4/yard for the same fabric I had just paid $9.99 a yard for a week and a half earlier!
So here is the RR with three sides attached-I have the fourth done but haven't put it on yet.
I had to do solid squares in the corners bc I could NOT get the "ribbon" pattern to flow right and Lisa isn't here to help so I got frustrated and did solids..I am happy with it though :)

On the quilting board they are doing a "Funky Farm" swap! I really want in on this but there is only like 2 weeks to make the blocks! I tried out ONE fun sheep that I found, to gauge if I thought I could accomplish a set in the given time with my other commitments. (A set is 6 blocks).
Isn't he DARLING?!! I decided I could NOT do a set in the time allotted but posted the pic on the board to share anyways and they are all wanting me to join in! So---SIGH--I cut two more out and we'll see if I can get 6 done.

And here is a pic of the progress that Jacob (my cat) and Jasmine (my BFF's cat whom I am cat-sitting for a few months) are getting along!
This pic is a tad deceiving though bc right after I took this they got annoyed with each other. lol.


Dee said...

That sheep is just adorable! Are all 6 blocks you make the same or different? That's also a cute picture of the cats together. Mine don't always get along but every once in a while all 4 of them will lie next to each other.

Lisa said...

They are supposed to be the same, but I can change the background fabric if need be...once the host gets them she swaps them out and sends me 6 different ones! :)
I am cat sitting and this was the closest they'd been to each other while being cordial ;)))