Sunday, August 26, 2012


This year Group's theme for VBS was "Sky!" It was great fun! We had SO many volunteers and it was an amazing experience for the kids!
Sunday morning (our VBS begins on a Sunday evening each year) the congregation dressed in the volunteer shirts and we had a special time of dedicated prayer for VBS.

 Then Sunday evening the FUN BEGAN!
Ronnie, Morgan and Scott taught games
my Mom and Judy Grimes, along with several volunteers did the Imagination Station & crafts!
Bringing bible stories to life in Wild Bible Adventures!
my niece, Erica helped also!
We had WONDERFUL volunteers at the registration/check-in and out tables!
me, Pastor Jack & John Grimes!
Erica and I
Mosquito nets save lives in Africa!
My friend, Beth led Chadder Cinema!
Morgan, Ronnie & Scott....three BIG KIDS!
waiting ton go into Bible Adventures!
Ronnie, dressed as a Bible time character for one of the stories :)
Beth and Pastor Cathy in Chadder!
We has a wonderful time and 12 or 13 first time salvations from the kids!! We also raised quite a bit of money to send overseas for mosquito nets in Africa!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ronnie's Bday (belated) and Father's Day (also belated) with Mom & John!

July and August have been very busy months! I am extremely behind in posting!

In July we went and celebrated Ronnie's birthday (which was actually in May) and Father's Day at Mom & John's house.
It was great to  get to see Mattie!
Papa grilling!
awww! :)
Me and Mom!
 We had a great meal!!!!!!!!

lol, this is what Kyle did after dinner

Ronnie's birthday cake!!
being silly :)
Papa loves his Mattie!
Mmmm! the cherry!
 OK, Papa's turn for a present!
and a groupon for a canoeing trip!
 then the boys went down to the dock to fish:
see the nest in the peach tree?

We had a wonderful time with Mom and John! What a great family day!