Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crystal's Baby Shower!

My sister, Crystal, is due Sept. 23rd with her first child. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of my niece, Aria Rose!!
We recently attended her co-ed baby shower in Vero Beach:

We all ate together and then the men/boys seperated to do their own thing.

We made headbands & barrets for Aria! It was fun!!

I made this big, pretty flower barret!

Ruth & I!

The guys played poker while we did gifts!!

LOTS of presents!! SO fun!

These are some cute lil boots!

I LOVED this bag!

Aurora, Crystal's friend's daughter, decided she needed to help Crystal! It was SO adorable!

Here is the quilt I made for Aria Rose!

CUTE! This was from Kevin & Jennifer!

Crystal & Adam are (and always have been) HUGE Steelers fans! SO this was really fun!
"and it comes in pink!"

Brooke was a great helper!
Aurora!! :o)
Ronnie wandering "are you done yet?"

Crystal & her bestie, Jocelyn! (They are only a few weeks apart in their pregnancies!! FUN!

Ruth, Crystal, Adam & Dad
P-pa &

Brad & Kyle
After the shower, we headed over to Crystal & Adam's to see the nursery & hang out for a bit.

Aria's room!

What a WONDERFUL day we had!!

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Dees Days said...

It was such a wonderful day! You got some great pics, Lisa. It was so good to see you and the family :0)