Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ronnie's Bday (belated) and Father's Day (also belated) with Mom & John!

July and August have been very busy months! I am extremely behind in posting!

In July we went and celebrated Ronnie's birthday (which was actually in May) and Father's Day at Mom & John's house.
It was great to  get to see Mattie!
Papa grilling!
awww! :)
Me and Mom!
 We had a great meal!!!!!!!!

lol, this is what Kyle did after dinner

Ronnie's birthday cake!!
being silly :)
Papa loves his Mattie!
Mmmm! the cherry!
 OK, Papa's turn for a present!
and a groupon for a canoeing trip!
 then the boys went down to the dock to fish:
see the nest in the peach tree?

We had a wonderful time with Mom and John! What a great family day!

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Dees Days said...

Looks like you had a great time with your mom, Lisa. Loved all the pics. Nothing quite like time w/family. That cake looked pretty good, too!