Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in RECAP.

2012 has been a fun and exciting year for the Scarberry’s! 

This year we bought our home! That’s HUGE for us! I think we’ve hit a record for the number of years without moving =) We love our little home and we love our town….while great adventure around the country may be in our future, a move is not! It is peaceful to know we have found our forever home.

This year we reconnected with Ronnie’s mom. Wow. To see the Lord’s work in her life is truly amazing. We could never have guessed that we would have such great relationship with her!

Mark and Michelle moved to Florida this year! Another great blessing! 5(!) Nieces and nephews just a hop, skip and a jump away now…makes me happy!

Eddie and Nancy came to Florida for a time. It was VERY much a blessing to have some time with them. We had SO much fun! It was great having them so close, even if for a short time.

My step sis, Crystal gave birth to my first niece from my side of the family! Aria has STOLEN my heart!!

My SIL, Amanda is pregnant and is having her baby Wednesday! (if she doesn’t go into labor sooner)…While that may fall into 2013….it is extremely relevant to 2012! She's been preggers almost all year! We have gained true relationship with her and Johnny this year. Words cannot express how much that means to Ronnie and I. We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of Macy Jeanne!!!!!

My step brother, Kevin got married this year!!! He and Jen have been together for years and she stuck by him while he was away at school to become a minister. He blessed me with a wonderful SIL….also a fellow cat lover! I am excited for them and to see where their lives together lead them.

Sadly, we lost my step brother, Josh this year. A heart-rendering time. While we miss him here, he would NOT trade heaven for earth. And I would never wish him here instead of there. The blessing of this scenario was that the night before he was killed we ALL….and I mean ALL…got together to find out the gender of Johnny and Amanda’s baby!  Looking back, it is so clear to see that that time was a gift from God. Our heavenly Father is so loving and blesses us abundantly.

On much lighter notes...............

I have added to my sewing room this year! Ronnie purchased me a QUILTING FRAME AND LONG ARM! Well, technically a short-arm, but it does the same!! I also got the Accuquilt Go! for Christmas! I am VERY excited about my sewing goals for 2013! I did not do nearly as much sewing this year as in years past. 
I started doing hand embroidery this year as well. And…I learned how to knit a specific scarf—great for working on in the car!

We changed our eating habits in August or September…bigtime. Nothing processed. It seemed difficult at first but in addition to the regular and expected benefits, there has been some surprising ones as well! SO totally worth it! We are now also making our own laundry detergent (IT’S FABULOUS BTW!) and I am trying a recipe for homemade deodorant too! God is helping me bless my home and my family in unexpected ways!

I discovered YOGA! NOTHING I have ever done for my back, medically, procedurally or otherwise, has helped me as much as Yoga! Wow…whoodathunkit!

This year, I also got to experience life in Amish country. Lisa and I made a wonderful trip to Ohio and spent two days there! It was SUCH a great experience!!

Kyle discovered his love for competitive swimming this summer! He swims about 2100 meters per day, Mon- Fri. He amazes me with his abilities. 
He has upgraded to an RM 80 dirtbike this year…SCARY! But he is siked!  
And his great love of science and reading has continued to grow as well. He truly amazes me.

Kyle experienced public school this year as well. While he definitely enjoyed it for a time, he quickly realized the reasons he preferred to be homeschooled. It was great for Ronnie and I to see him work through the issues and make a decision as to his preference. Had we not allowed him to try it, he would always wonder! Homeschooling after that, has been like a privilege to him. We have been intentionally taking a much more laid back approach to school this year. We adopted the skills VS knowledge approach. It is wonderful and makes our school days enjoyable and FUN!

Ronnie, through a series of trades, ended up with an E-mod racecar this year. It has been disappointing that the track he wanted to race at is still not opened. He has considered other tracks for 2013 if it does not open. At the same time, with the possibility of upcoming adventures….he may be racing out West this year! 

Ronnie has also stepped into a bit more leadership at our church. He has begun teaching the Youth! I would NEVER have thought he would have a desire to do this, but apparently the Lord has placed it in his heart. He leads the Middle and High school kiddos. He truly enjoys it and hates it when we do not have Wed night church (like this past week, lol). I have seen Ronnie go to new levels in his faith this year. I am thrilled to see him independently seeking the Lord in most all things.

We also had family portraits done this year! That is a FIRST-TIME for us! Isn’t that crazy!?! The photographer took almost 500 shots and we are anxiously awaiting the disc!

Hopefully I didn’t leave out any major events…if I did, I'm sorry!! wasn’t on purpose! 

I am eagerly looking forward to 2013! I will be posting a list of my goals soon!