Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teaser Tuesday~June 26th

Here's how it works!
Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following
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"The iron should be hot now. She'd observed her maid ironing before, but she had never really paid much attention to how she actually did it. It couldn't be that hard, could it?"

Monday, June 25, 2012

Design Wall Monday ~ June 25th

I have been making quilt blocks for the Star Quilt-along on Crazy Mom Quilts' blog.
Lisa & I cut all the pieces to this quilt back in 2010 and are just now getting around to sewing them.
The problem is that back then my cuts were not accurate and so it is VERY frustrating now to try and sew them. I am MUCH more precise now and cannot stand it if my seams don't line up or points get chopped off...and ALL of that is happening. GRRR. But...I am going to sew them together, trimming the small pieces as best as I can to make it right and then trim all the blocks down to the smallest one when I am done. I am going to use solid sashing, not the "Irish Chain" look that Crazy Mom Quilts used.

I am also still working on that scrappy table topper and my embroidery project.

Look at that! UGH!
 The two pics below were taken with my phone, so not the best...but these are the four blocks I've completed so far! :) 8 more to go!

Trip #1 to Ohio, Part 4: Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain holds a special place in mine and Ronnie's heart. We spent a lot of time here in the dead of winter in 2001. We had our honeymoon then, even though we were married in 99. We stayed in Little Switzerland, N.C. and did lots of exploring along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Almost all of the attractions  in the area were closed for winter, but we visited Grandfather Mountain and had a great time.

The type of azalea behind us is only found in N.C.

I was trying not to flip out in this pic b/c there was a bee by my arm.

they scared me b/c they went over the wire fence-like thingy to this outcropping. They weren't the only ones doing it, but still...made me nervous.

so cool

I zoomed WAY in to get this pic.

Ronnie and Kyle climbed way out there, I stayed put :)

this was at the exit from the mile high bridge shop! 


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday~June 20th

Today started out as a pretty good day. I woke up knowing I would see Ronnie today! :)

and to make it even better...he brought me flowers!

bright, sunny flowers!

 We spent the few hours we had talking and just hanging out...then we went to pick Kyle up from Basketball camp and when we got home, this is what they wanted to do.....

so I did a bit of sewing while they watched TV :)
 I pulled out the Star Quilt Along from Crazy Mom Quilts blog that Lisa and I cut out, back in 2010....my cuts were not accurate though and so it was VERY frustrating to sew together now.
but here is a completed block
 Then it was time for Ronnie to head out. He had to get home and then head to church so he could teach the Youth.

"see ya later!"
 Little did we know our day was about to be flipped upside down. (thankfully it all turned out OK)

I got a call from Ronnie about 15 minutes after he left that he had had a blow out at 70mph on the highway and had no spare. He said he was in a bad part to be stopped but I didn't really realize HOW bad until I got there...and then had to leave and call 911 because it was simply too too dangerous for me to stay parked behind him. It took me 15 minutes to get out onto the highway to get out of dangers way.

~When his tire blew out, he was in the far left lane. It was also in a construction zone and in 5:00 traffic. Just turned 5:00 when it happened too. It was also right after one highway dumped onto another highway....
when he got over to the right (because the tire was pulling him into traffic) the only place to stop was where there was a guard rail....and no where to go. He was up against the guard rail on one side and up against the white line for the traffic lane on the other! The cars were all flying by (going 70 or so) and what made it 100x worse was that not only was it raining, it was on a curve...so you didn't see him until you were right there on him.

When I pulled in behind him he got mad at me b/c it was too dangerous, but I didn't know...I was just thinking he could jump in the car and off we'd go....several cars swerved to not hit us, even though we were out of the traffic lane. we were just too too close to the white line, especially being on the curve, in the rain. I called 911 and told them we desperately needed help. we couldn't pull out but if we stayed we were going to get hit, for sure. Ronnie made me leave him there and drive away :(( It was SOOOOOOO scary. I just knew that at any moment I was going to watch someone obliterate the truck and Ronnie with it. I was literally terrified.

I pulled back onto the highway and got off at the next exit, which was 50. I was looping back around to try again at finding a way to pull off enough that Ronnie could get in the car. In the meantime, he decided to climb out the passenger window and jump the guardrail to separate himself from the danger. Road Ranger showed up a few min later and gave him a ride to the 50 exit....I turned around and headed back that way and got him.

So we drove to Mount Dora and Ronnie used his tire machine at t house to mount a tire a buddy of his dropped off at the house for him. Then we headed back, not at all sure the truck wouldn't be smashed to smithereens when we got back.
Thankfully by the time we got back it was about 8:30 or so and the traffic was much lighter. It was getting dark though and still raining...and we were still on that darned curve.
But, we got on the road and Ronnie pulled off right after the guard rail into this retention pond area. His hubcap went flying across the highway and he was driving on the rim and it made an awful sound.  I thought for sure my car was going to get stuck too.

But God was certainly watching over us and none of the bad things that could've happened, did.

 Ronnie started changing the tire....
 and Kyle decided he wanted to use his "Cub Scout" skills that Uncle Eddie taught him and help ;)
 Ronnie is a GOOD GOOD daddy...there is NO WAY my Dad would've let me help after a high-stress, exhausting experience like we had, LOL.

here's the culprit ;)

and Ky wanted to do the finishing touches...

I am SO very thankful for those who prayed when I sent the urgent message to "pray right now". I was so truly terrified for Ronnie's safety and then mine and Kyle's as well....I am glad that God is omnipotent and very thankful for his protection tonight.