Friday, June 8, 2012

Trip # 1 to Ohio, Part 2

We had a crazy time trying to get things in order. We never did locate a will and it made everything a million times more difficult. After getting home, Ronnie and I scheduled an appointment and pre-planned our funerals with the local funeral home. We are paying monthly payments on it and everything is worked out so that our families will not have to decide anything. I HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE get their affairs in order. Even if you cannot pre-pay, you can at least get your wished notated (for free) at the funeral home. PLEASE be sure you have a will so your family does not deal with probate. This is extremely important!

Anyways...after MANY hours of working through 2 homes of a hoarder, we were all sweaty & tired, but it was great to be together! :) (I won't post pics of the inside of the homes out of respect for George,but it was LITERALLY like the TV show).

Ronnie and Betsy in the background :)

Kyle with his Grandma Georgia!

Aunt Betsy!

they were both so happy to finally meet :)


This is the home George owned. It was used for storage.

Grandma and Kyle...

this gave me major flashbacks to Georgia playing with her kids

Ky had to show her what he knew :)

this pic was on one of the walls. We don't know who it is, but it is really neat :)

We were in Chillicothe for about 24 hours almost to the minute. Time for us to hit the road back home...
good-bye :(

Grandma crying that we're leaving.

here she is PROMISING Kyle she is moving down soon.


6! yes, 6 vehicles...all registered and insured...and ALL in probate :(

pretty building on the way home!

this is the INTERSTATE! TOLLS ON THE INTERSTATE!! What the heck!?  I have NEVER seen this before!

tunnel through the mountain!


another tunnel through another mountain!

Stay tuned for PART 3!! On the way back Ronnie, Kyle and I took a 7 hour detour through the Blue Ridge Parkway. We even stopped and explored Grandfather Mountain!!

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