Sunday, June 17, 2012

Progress Post!! June 13th

**Note: I had to wait to upload my photos, so this post is being posted a few days late***

Well, I am at my Uncle Billy's for the next 9 days, taking care of his babies (aka pets) :o)

So...I will have to pick up where I left off with our Ohio trips once I get back home :) If you'd like a sneak peak at our second trip and my & Lisa's time in Amish country, you can pop over to her blog, as she has already posted some pics!! (You may have to scroll to "older posts" to find them though.

But in the meantime, I have been busy sewing away since I got here!!

I got myself a sewing station, all set up!
Aria's quilt! FINISHED!!
close up of the quilting!
I brought this top so that I could complete the backing.
This is as far as I got with the backing...I need to have Ronnie bring me some fabric from my stash so I  can complete it!
And I sewed these leftover block pieces to start the backing for my tube quilting quilt.
I am going to sew these strips around to make this main part of the backing as large as possible.

And this is the new embroidery block I brought to work on.
I brought plenty of entertainment too! :)
Kyle has enjoyed spending time with Ahma's dog, Little Bit.
And being in the comfy-est chair ever.
The 3 dogs I am dog-sitting. Little Bit, Missy (in the middle) and Penny on the far right.

It's a little sad seeing Ahma's room empty.


Dee said...

Congratulations on the quilt finish! It's a pretty quilt. Looks like you brought lots of different things to entertain you. Better to bring too much than to run out of things to work on. Hopefully you have beautiful weather for the duration.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Dee!!!