Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trip #1 to Ohio, Part 3! Blue Ridge Parkway!

After all the stress of dealing with the funeral arrangements, etc. We decided to take a detour and enjoy some of the trip home. We drove the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina. 

this was pasted to a wall in a bathroom. Very strange. The one dog in the middle a little bit down from that neon green and orange sign looks JUST like Mattie!

we saw this and decided to get out and explore :)

this was what we had to go through to get down to the creek...


we're finally in N.C.!! step the other direction and we're in Virginia again, LOL :0)

we stopped in Boone, N.C. and this quilt block was on the side of a shed!

these were the neatest little things!!All hand made by a gentleman in Tennessee

see the sign!! QUILTS! I had to go check it out....

THIS is what I found was a little alarming until she snored!
 I decided not to wake her up, since she was obviously sleeping so peacefully :) So...I just snapped a few shots...

this was in the entrance....they do weddings there. 

wild daisies!
For those who don't know it....daisies are my FAVORITE flower :)

and off we went toward Grandfather Mountain!
 We saw this waterfall on the way to Grandfather Mountain, but didn't stop until we were coming back down. Since I'll post about Grandfather Mountain in a separate post, I'll go ahead  and post the pics from our stop now....
the boys decided to go ahead and climb and explore. I opted out b/c my back was already messed up.


twins again!

awww, I love this picture :) Daddy showing Ky something :)

that is my child! had to put his feet in it!

It was a great end to our time of exploration. After that we hit the road with a vengeance to get home.

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