Thursday, June 7, 2012

Trip #1 to Ohio, part 1

A couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon, while eating lunch at Bob Evans, Ronnie and I got a phone call that was the deciding factor for us traveling to Ohio. We checked Kyle out of school and left that afternoon.
Background: Ronnie's grandfather passed away on Monday, May 14th. But...the next-of-kin, Ronnie's mom, Georgia, was not notified until the following Tuesday, May 22nd. There's a lot more to it, but the bottom line is we needed to go up there and get the affairs in order so that his body could be laid to rest.

this was our first glimpse of hills (which we Floridians call mountains).

I love how this looks!

We drove until 3AM Thurs before stopping for the night.

neat to see things that are not common back home

finally picking up the last leg of the trip

I thought this was so cool!

running at a rest stop!

there were HUNDREDS of these birds there!


Couldn't pass a cemetery without getting a pic!

once we got into Chillicothe, there were several pretty homes...
and interesting ones....



This was the home where George, Ronnie's gpa lived.

and here is where we stayed that night. It was a wonderful hotel and WELL worth the extra $20 or $30!

Stay tuned...not only for Part 2, but for my second trip to Ohio, the following week. Lisa and I did that one together and spent a day and a half exploring Amish country!


Tiffany said...

I've been to the Steak and Shake in Chillicothe on a road trip to Chicago!

Lisa said...

That's so neat!!