Sunday, June 17, 2012

Econ & Redneck Olympics

Yep...I said it...REDNECK Olympics ;)

Saturday Kyle and I met up with old family & friends ALL DAY LONG!

We started the afternoon off by meeting Sam & Cherri at  the Econ. Kyle played with Isaac and Dixie...ok and Sam too :) They had fun and it was nice to be able to catch up with old friends.

Isaac & Kyle

Sam playing with them, lol.

Sam, Dixie, Isaac & Kyle

wrestling around in the water :)

Cherri and I sat on the bank and chitty chatted ;)

Then Kyle and I headed out to The Jolly Gator (formerly Lindsey's Fish Camp). My aunt runs the fish camp now and held an event for Diabetes. Beth and Morgan even drove out from Leesburg to enjoy the events. Logan and Kyle had a blast!

Chicken Poop Lotto....I didn't win :(

mud...uhm hmm...I mean water slide ;)

Getting in line for watermelon seed spitting contest!

get a seed!!

Mary doing the tire race!

Ryan (my cousin) did it faster than Mary....and....

once he made it back he THREW his cup of water on Aunt MARY! LOL. She got him back though...twice ;)
 Next was the "worm" eating contest....a hot dog, sliced into 6 pieces vertically then cooked in a crock pot so it curls up!!
"worm" eating contest
check out that kids cheeks! LOL

I almost gagged watching them.

I had to walk

Logan watching the chicken...waiting on it to poop for the next round of Chicken Poop Lotto

wheelbarrow races! (LOL!)

It was a fun day and we saw friends and LOTS of family!

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Lisa said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Definitely "Redneck"! LOL