Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip #1 to Ohio, Part 4: Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain holds a special place in mine and Ronnie's heart. We spent a lot of time here in the dead of winter in 2001. We had our honeymoon then, even though we were married in 99. We stayed in Little Switzerland, N.C. and did lots of exploring along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Almost all of the attractions  in the area were closed for winter, but we visited Grandfather Mountain and had a great time.

The type of azalea behind us is only found in N.C.

I was trying not to flip out in this pic b/c there was a bee by my arm.

they scared me b/c they went over the wire fence-like thingy to this outcropping. They weren't the only ones doing it, but still...made me nervous.

so cool

I zoomed WAY in to get this pic.

Ronnie and Kyle climbed way out there, I stayed put :)

this was at the exit from the mile high bridge shop! 


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