Monday, June 18, 2012

This & That.....Monday, June 18th

I am at my Uncle's house this week and so enjoying a bit of a respite from the daily grind at home ;)

Today was Kyle's first day of Basketball Camp!

He was really excited about it!
While he was away, I enjoyed a bit of sewing.....
And reading.....

And I even went outside to enjoy the weather and admire my Uncle'shmorgisboard of a garden:

LOOK at the CRAZY beans!


This is where they are growing

 This is the "mess" that is his tomato plants...

Yet...there is a bounty there!
And peppers galore

all types!

And this is what I saw when I came back in ;) Missy

After I picked Kyle up from Basketball camp, we went to the pool for a while :)

And now we are back at the house....Kyle's watching TV and I am about to go work on my embroidery ;)
It's been a very nice day!

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