Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today was a GREAT day! Tuesday, June 19th

Tuesday, June 19th

This morning after taking Kyle to Basketball camp, I went out and picked some things from my Uncle's garden.

I picked these CRAZY green beans in the hopes of them drying out so I can plant the seeds in the fall. 
I found a few that had already dried out on the vine! :) 

And I picked all of this as well. I certainly can't eat it all but it would've rotted for sure had I not picked it.
The peppers reminded me of this fabric that I chose for making a quilt for the orphanage in Mexico. (The Quilted Hugs Project)
I saw this lil guy in the front yard :) Made me smile.
 I met up with Ronnie for lunch!

 We ate at Chik fil A and then he had to go back to working.
"bye, Ronnie!"
 I did manage to get a bit of sewing done today...I pulled out this top and decided to work on the backing.
 I sewed 8 fat quarters together and have that strip on the left to work with as well. I need to find some fabric to make up the difference....it isn't much, so I am sure I have something in my stash, even if it's just muslin.
 After picking Kyle up from basketball camp, we went to visit Ahma in her new home.

she couldn't believe how tall Kyle has gotten! :)
 We had a long visit with her, laughing and chitty chatting for an hour!
When we left, we skipped over a few blocks to visit with Becca, Austin, Emily & Madi!
<3 my nieces to pieces!!

Madi thought Kyle was hilarious and Kyle ATE IT UP! lol.
 Madi had me cracking up the whole time :) I could just sit and watch her ALL day long!
 Emily was a happy girl and had on a shirt that I must agree with... it says "My Mom ROCKS" :o)

once Uncle Austin got home, it was video game time ;) Kyle LOVES to play games with his Uncle Austin and ran outside when Austin got home to ask him if they could play :) And as you can see...Madi had he "weewii" controller (hee hee)
It was a great day! I got to see several of my favorite people! :) I am blessed!

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Lisa said...

You are SEW blessed!