Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, today was a nice day.
I went and layed out on the back deck for a couple of hours, then did some packing....I got my goal met for packing boxes today..yay!

My Mom and John came over tonight and had coffee. They are excited that we will only be 4 houses down from them once we move :) We are too.

Tomorrow I am thrifting for furniture with a neighbor down the road...I LOVE doing that, so it should be a fun time.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

OK, so now it's been like 6 MONTHS since I've written!

It has been a LONG time since I've blogged....but, as time flies, it seems like it's only been a month.
I am focusing on journaling in many areas of my life, so I am going to start blogging again as sort of an online journal. Soooo many people told me how much they enjoyed keeping up on our lives by just bouncing over to the webpage.
So, I'll try to keep it up for more than a few weeks this time, LOL.

Well, summer is here and we are really enjoying it.
We went and spent a week at the beach staying in a beautiful timeshare. Lisa and her kids came up for a few days and Becca came up with Emily for a night as well. We REALLY enjoyed it. We saw manatees and even got to touch them, we saw a school of dolphins that had to have had like 40 dolphins in it, including babies :o)
We wentcrab hunting at night and caught some crabs, not to mention the relaxing days of being at the ocean or pool.
Ronnie had to work, but he came up for the weekend when we first arrived. So, he missed out on most of the fun but we are planning a vacation for sometime after we get settled into our new home, where he will take a week off of work and go also.

Crystals wedding is August 9th, and we had her bridal shower the Saturday after vacation. It's was a wonderful shower with lots of very good food and family & friends. The wedding is coming SO fast!!!

We are moving! For those of you who don't yet know....we have had a great blessing bestowed upon us and have the opportunity to live in a beautiful house on a canal...about 20 mins from where we live now. I am really excited as we will have a seperate school room and a guest bedroom there. Ronnie will have a workshop, so he is siked about that.
For his latest "kick" he is going to be building a racing lawnmower. (Yes, I know, oh so redneck, but you all know Ronnie, lol). He will really enjoy it and it should be lots of fun to go watch.

Kyle was blessed this month as well. He has really outgrown his 50cc dirtbike and we were looking at trading it for a bigger one.
Well, about 6 months ago this couple from church wanted to sell us their 80 cc semi-automatic Yamaha. It wasn't running, so they would sell it for $800. (It's a $2500 bike). We didn't have the money, so we passed and again listed his dirtbike for trade. We had a couple of offers from Craig's list that didn't work out and then last week the couple that had wanted to sell us their dirtbike called and said they were tired of it being in their barn and that if we wanted it we could come take it for free! They had actually put in in their trash pile the night before!!! So....we went and picked it up and Ronnie had it running 10 mins after we got home.
So, we are very thankful for that blessing and we gave Kyle's lil 50 to my Uncle Tom for his children.

We have started going to a new's close by where we are moving to, and it is a very different type of church from what I am used to. I am used to an evangelistic type, energized, spirit filled church. This is a quiet, old-fashioned type of church, not evangelisitic at all...but oddly enough I really, really am enjoying it there. The people are so genuine and there are no seems that everyone truly goes there to hear the word of God and fellowship. It has been like a breath of fresh air in this busy world of flash and rush. Both Ronnie and I feel a strong peace about making it our home church. We've only been a handful of times though, so please just lift us up in your prayers that we would receive confirmation if this is the right place for us.

Well, I am putting together my lesson plans for next year. It is going to be a fun filled exciting school year! We are starting a 3 year science curriculum which is ALL hands on and in the last segment of each lesson the child is a detective!! We are doing this with two other homeschooled children and it is going to be a blast!
We have lots of field trips on the school agenda this year and I have joined the largest homeschool group in central Fl!! (much more do-able now that we are moving 20 mins further east, as the group is based out of Apopka). They have a lego robotics course and some engineering type classes, plus LOTS AND LOTS of other things. We are not going to be participating in all of these activities because we have a very full year this year as it is, but it is nice to know they are there if we choose to!

Well, I hope I have brought you all up to date, lol.
Take care, God bless you, and I humbly ask that you would lift our lives up in your prayers. We need it, always.
The Scarberry's!