Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pics of Ky's quilt!

Here are pics of the rag-top quilt I finished for Kyle! I've attached a pic of the front, back, a close up of the front fabric I used and then one with Ky standing on a stool trying to hold it up so I could get a pic, lol.


Ginny said...

I stumbled on you blog! (from the Yahoo quilt group I think) I love all of the pictures! The rag quilt is wonderful, so pretty your son looks so happy!

I should warn you rag quilting can become addictive! I have done more than a hundred now.

Have a wonderful day.

5Gustos said...

I love your rag quilt! I haven't made one yet. Maybe we should get together and you could show me? I need flannel for it, right?