Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just a relaxing few days

We had had such a busy past few weeks that I am immensly enjoying doing nothing today. Kyle and Ronnie were camping at Crooms this past weekend for their annual "guys only" campout....twp weeks prior to that they had their Halloween campout at Camp La No Che. This coming Saturday Kyle and I leave for the beach for a week. I am bringing my sewing machine and hoping to get a lot of Christmas gifts done!!
I have finished my first quilt!!! Yay! I can't post pics because it is a gift for someone who reads my blog! :o) But, I am very excited about finishing it! I have started three others and am almost done with one of those three--another gift! Kyle and I have a special treat for everyone this year!
I just wanted to bounce on here and blog a little bit...I have met some great Moms in my homeschool group who are avid bloggers...as you all know: I go through spurts, lol.
I am currently having my coffee, sitting on my front porch with binoculars in hand watching the birds and squirrels. There is this one bird who I have seen for three days now...he hasn't braved the bird feeder yet-but everyday he gets closer and looks at it and stays there for a LONG time....but doesn't go to it yet. We will see if tomorrow he decides to brave it, lol.
The big news is that yesterday was Kyle's 7th birthday...sniffle, sniffle....where does the time go!!??! We didn't do school and he had a great day.
Well, I will talk with ya'll later!!!

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Loretta said...

I found your blog through CafeMom and I was a little excited to read you are a homeschooling family,(we homeschool too.) It's greatly unappreciated around here, so its always nice to connect with other homeschooling families. Thought your son singing the I love you song was precious!

Sewing Momma