Thursday, November 13, 2008

quilt #2 DONE!

So....have I mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sewing machine? For my bday Ronnie got me a machine....we could NOT afford the one I have b/c it was $650.00 (yea, pick your jaw back up, reaction was the same). Of course, you get what you pay for so this thing has every feature under the sun...literally...theres NOTHING it can't do. It even does embroidery! So anyways....we get one that was half that cost...I get it home and go to watch the dvd and Sears had rang up the less expensive one but sent me home with the more expensive one. To make this very long story short....Sears allowed me to keep the more expensive one even though I only paid half the price....AND they didn't charge me anything additional for changing the model # and serial # on the warranty that we had purchased on the less expensive machine! See....honestly really does pay off! =) It's the Kenmore 19606 and i LOVE this machine!!!!!!!
I was working on quilt #2--which I can't mention on here b/c it is a Christmas gift for someone-- and I got this hair up my butt to drop everything and work on the quilt that I had not yet started for Kyle. I was planning on making him a rag-top flannel quilt once I finished quilt #2...well, I started and I stayed up past 4am and got Ky's quilt done! He hasn't seen it yet...rag-tops have to be washed and dried once they are it is in the dryer now. It is beautiful!!!! I will post pics asap.
Oh...and as an aside: I forgot to mention on my post the other day that ROnnie and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary on November 6th. I mentioned all about everything else but forgot to mention that very important point! :o)

Well, Kyle and I are going to the beach timeshare for a week...we leave Saturday and will be back Friday night b/c we have to go on a Boyscout campout Saturday.
Talk with ya'll later!!!!
God Bless!

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