Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School Field Day!

We had 37 kids come out for our 1st Annual BTS Field Day!
What a BLAST we had!
We consumed almost 100 bottles of water and just under 70 hotdogs!
Our church was beyond generous in their donations for this event!
EVERY child left with a backpack filled with the school supplies! It was a wonderful outreach to our community!!
All the backpacks stuffed!

Tug o war!

Sack Races!!

Our pre-k & K's playing tug o war! (so cute!)
Crab walk!

Pre-k & k sack races!
Get ready for lunch!

Pre-k & k water balloon toss!

1st grade + water balloon toss

Ronnie got me with 5 or 6 water I had the kids attack him :0)

What's a field day without KICK BALL!!

What an AMAZING day we had! Thank you EVERYONE for your generous donation!

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