Monday, August 9, 2010

Process Pledge Post!

Here's my latest update:
Here is the first round (the center) I received for the June-December RR. You can see the fabrics that I purchased to add to it.
I felt like with such a busy center it needed some solid here's what I did:

Here is some SCRUMPTIOUS yarn I found!!
The blue is called Aqua and the other is called "Goldfish"...I LOVE it!
I am crocheting a new pattern with it too!

Here is some fabric - Classic Pooh- that I got to make a baby quilt for a girl at church. I am just going to quilt around each scene. The yellow is the backing and is flannel. Isn't it just darling!
Here are two cuts of fleece I got to make tie blankets for Project Linus in Nevada. Fleece it TOO hot for Florida, but up there it is much cherished!

I finally finished my Cherry Spinners Quilt!!!!!! Yay!!
This is prior to washing, so you may still see some drawn quilt lines. I LOVE this quilt. It was my very first time working with pinwheels of this nature. Some of them are really messed up, but it was so much work at the time that I just LOVE it.

Here's the backing:

I finally broke down and purchased this strip cutter a few weeks ago.
I have to say that I do love it!

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