Monday, August 2, 2010

Where did July go???????

Wow, it has been a SUPER busy month!
I have not blogged much this month and feel VERY behind! My brain keeps telling me that I have to do my posts in order of what happened...b/c, realistically, this probably just isn't going to happen, I am giving myself the green light to "blob" post about the many things that happened this'goes!
This month entailed:
Super Kids Beach Day - we took the children from our church to the beach...WHAT A BLAST!
Kyle's baptism--wonderful! Lots of friends and family came out for this and we had a great time at the house afterwards!!
VBS!! WOWWWWWWWWWW--that's all I can say! What a week!! Next year I am directing our church's VBS...Pandamonium!! (It's theme is panda bears!)
Wednesday Night Whacky Worship service kicked off this month too...Ronnie and I started a mid week service for the children at our church...God is so good! The kids LOVE it!
The Shop Hop! (Which I've already posted about)
And I am sure there is more, but that is the jist of the month!!

Preparing for August:

Ronnie is currently planning a Back to School Field Day at out church for August 14th...he is going to do tug of war, sack races, water balloon contests, etc. and we are planning on giving away a back-pack filled with school supplies to every child who attends. This is our goal and so far God is opening door after door to make that happen! We are so excited...of course, Ronnie planning it means I am organizing it :)

August 23rd is our date to start school back up this year. Of course...the first day of school is ALWAYS a field trip for us! This will be an intense year of learning for Kyle. He is doing a lot of 4th grade work. We are starting a more traditional History curriculum this year and he will be learning cursive writing! I am thrilled and cannot wait to get back to school with him.....he on the other can't believe there's only about 3 weeks left of summer...already!

Fall Ball!!
Kyle has been waiting since LAST October to play baseball! We chose not to sign him up last Spring b/c Spring ball is so intense....we want him to learn in a more laid back atmosphere, which Fall ball is.
So....He starts baseball with the Mount Dora Little League in September! We are all excited and ready for the time that we will be committing to the ball fields. Go Ky!!!

Another "OH SO IMPORTANT" part of my life! :) (no, never would've guessed, right?)
I should probably dedicate a whole other post to this....yes, that's what I'll do....look for another post soon with my quilting progress and new projects!!!!

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