Friday, July 23, 2010

Orange Blossom Dash! Shop Hop!

Here are the pictures (FINALLY) from our shop hop!
OK, there were just 4 shops on this shop hop...but they were lots of fun! Two of them I had NEVER been to before!!
Here is Lisa and I in the Quilter's Dream store, in Leesburg, Fl.
Here are the earrings we found there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't they ADORABLE!?!

Here is us at the Apopka Store...Material Girl Quilt of our favs! The ladies in here are SOOOO sweet!

The quilt in the background is a BOM...It's The Underground Railroad.

Here are our kids playing while we shop!

(They're SO good!)

OK, day two was just me and Lisa!!
First we went to Clermont to a shop neither one of us had been to before!
Clermont Sewing and Quilting
I won their hourly drawing!!

I have been wanting to do some quilt art since last years shop hop in Nevada where I saw that elk quilt!
So...I took the plunge and purchased my first month of a BOM (or block of the quarter, most likely for me, lol) in a series!

Isn't it wonderful!!! I'll have to cut each little bitty piece anmd applique it on, but it is going to be WONDERFUL!! I will try to remember to ake a picture of the back of the has a picture of all the blocks for the whole BOM.

The book you see in the background of that picture is actually a book I won (Lisa won a copy of it too!) and the store owner of the store in Deland is also the author!! So.....she autographed it for me!

Her shop is called The Quilt Shop of Deland. She was SOOOO nice and thoughtful!! Here's a picture of us with our books and the owner, Judy...and we're standing in front of the quilt that the patterns in the books we won makes!

Here's a better pic of the quilt itself!

We did an impromptu class while at t he shop! We learned how to make flowers and yoyos!

What a great time we had! Judy was SOOOOOOOOOOO generous! Look at ALL the goodies she gave out at her shop!

Here were the other three shops patterns that were given away for the shop hop!

 We received one from each store.

Here are a couple of patterns I bought while on the shop hop!

The Christnas tree one is REALLY neat! It's a stack and slash pattern!!

Here's all the stuff I got for free on the shop hop ferom the other three stores!

Here is a fabric I have been wanting since last years shop hop!! I have BIG plans for this!

Here is a new BOM that Lisa and I joined! It's a snowman (or maybe it's overall Christmas themed, I'm not sure) applique one! I think it's called Snow Bound!

Here is the correlating fabric I got...

for the backing of this quilt:

Here's a panel I got! Isn't it ADORABLE!??!

Here's one of the flowers I made!!
Here's Judy! She's awesome!

Here's a pic of her shop! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO inspiring!

Lisa won the basket from this shop!!!!! Here's all the goodies that were in it! She's splitting the WHOLE thing with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOOOOOO that was a LONG blog post! I have more pics, but I'll post them at another time!

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Lisa said...

It was so much fun! I'm so glad we were able to do this TOGETHER!!