Monday, July 5, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Today Ronnie went over to help my Dad for a while and then Dad came over here and helped Ronnie with some things.
Meanwhile Kyle caught 2 fish on a string on a hand line! (That pic is on my FB).
Afterwards we grilled out ....Dad is cracking up and taking a picture of Kyle's hamburger! He accidentally got WAY too much mustard on it! :)  We fixed it for him ;)

and then.................................I caught them all in Kyle's room playing with TOYS!

This is Dad playing the Math game!! LOL! While ROnnie plays with the helicopter thingy.

Then you know Dad couldn't just let Ronnie play with it! It was his turn!!
(that thing in Ronnie's mouth is a whistle...seriously).

Dad landing the helo...he was super excited about this accomplishment!

Then Kyle wanted to show P-Pa his Webkinz...

And then Kyle wanted to show P-pa "just ONE more thing" 5 times, lol.

Too funny!
We had a great time hanging out with P-pa! So glad he could come visit!

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