Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Process Pledge Post

Here is some left over scraps from a quilt I made a couple of years ago...I decided to throw a botrder on it and I will probably just quilt it into a center piece for a table. Do you think I should put another border on it?

Here is what I did with the tuli block Lisa sent me a year or so ago. I have decided to make it into a table topper that I can use on both my dining room table and my coffee table!
I pinned it and started to wuilt but the walking foot broke, so I am going to have to seam rip (yuck!) and start aghain once I replace my walking foot.

Here are three bookmarks I made! Aren't they great!?! Lisa and I learned how to make these at a local quilt shop anniversary celebration!

Here is the most wonderful fabric in the world!! Do you remember why??????? I won't tell yet, but I will send a quilty surprise to the first person who comments the correct answer. Mom and Lisa....you don't count! SORRY! But I just told both of you today, so I HAVE to be fair ;) (xoxo)

Here are the flannel squares from the ISPY swap! I am sewing them together into a traditional top.

And here are all the ones I have to seam rip b/c my brain associates flannel with rag-top!

Here's some great trims that I picked up on clearance at Joann's to use as bookmarks in the book covers I like to make.

Here are some charm squares made into HST and sewn together...this is the start of another bag!

Here are some misc. blocks that I am unsure what to do with. I',m thinking candle mats...what do you think?

Here is the current Book I am listening to while quilting!!! These colors have SEW inspired me! I've decided that the next project I start will be a quilt with these EXACT colors in it! I LOVE THEM!! And they actually came out almost perfect in the picture.
Are any of you readers Debbie Macomber fans??


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