Friday, June 24, 2011


Life update:

We are really enjoying our summer break! Along with implementing the Accountable Kids program, we have started doing weekly family activities! These are planned at our family meeting on Sundays-we choose what it is we are going to do and pick what day we will do it. The anticipation builds throughout the week while we await the day...IT's GREAT!!
We've gone to the movies, Wekiva Falls, Putt Putt golf, had dinner out and then walked around the mall, picnicked in the park.... It's a wonderful, FOCUSED time of hanging out together, doing something fun as a family. We really love it! It seems like such a simple concept but yet when it is made a priority, it changes the whole atmosphere in the home. It's great!!
Speaking of Accountable Kids....I LOVE IT!! It is still as fabulous as it was when we started! Kyle is just two days away from earning his "special date" card. The pre-determined outing this time around is Wet N Wild! It is supposed to be with one parent or the other but Kyle wants ALL of us to go :) I'm good with that! It's going to be such fun.

Recently I went to stay with my Ahma while my Aunt and Uncle took a break. They went to the Keys!!! Ronnie and I are planning a family vacation there ourselves...if you have any tips on where to stay/go/what to do...or the opposite (where NOT to go/stay/do) please let us know! All knowledge is warmly welcomed.
Ronnie came over on Sunday night. He was playing the guitar that my Uncle gave to him and singing and my Ahma was just enjoying the heck out of it! She had her foot tapping and her hands clapping :o)
Here are a couple pics :)

My Aunt & Uncle had a dove with TWO babies in a nest in their flower baskets!! SO NEAT!! (I didn't see the babies, just the Momma, but my Uncle told me afterwards that there were two babies in there!)

And this is what my plant looked like when I got home :( Ronnie forgot to water it, lol. I am glad to report that it made a full recovery in less than 48 hours though!!

VBS....Vacation Bible School is FAST approaching and this year is y first as the Director. Thankfully the Pastors wife, who has previously directed VBS is right there to help me each step of the way. Please be in prayer for the week of July 17-21st, as that is our VBS week. I am really excited about this b/c it is just an AMAZING theme!'s a Panda and jungle theme this year! And next years theme was recently revealed...SKY. It looks like SO much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight is the training meeting for all our volunteers...and I have a terrible please pray for me to be well enough to speak without hacking up a lung ;)

WINGS....I am SUPER excited about this new ministry. A dear friend, Val is starting a new Women's ministry called WINGS-Women In God's Service. She has asked me to partner with her in this endeavor!! We will be launching soon and including a Children's ministry called "FLY"-we're still working on an acrostic for this...any ideas? I have thought of about 20 but haven't decided yet!
God is doing AMAZING things!! The more I lean on Him, the better my life is :)

Well....that's the update! I hope you all are doing well! Love ya lots!!

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