Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kevin's Wedding Weekend! :)

My step brother, Kevin got married this weekend! He and Jen are a very special couple and I was SO very happy to see them finally tie the knot :)
Friday evening was rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. While we were not in the wedding party, we were invited to join them! The rehearsal dinner was at the Oviedo Women's Club. This brought back many memories for me, as it was next door to my high school. I drove Kyle around the high school and showed him different things :) That was fun.
Anyways.....back to the dinner!
Lisette setting up the dessert table! She made these fabulously beautiful desserts! (They are in a pic below)
I just can't help it...doesn't this inspire you to make a quilt with  black, white and aqua?! Who'dathunkit. I love these colors together!
Jen & Kevin's table! :) 

Kyle with Ruth's Mom.
 She is such a precious lady and just loves everybody :) When she saw me she asked "bebe? bebe?" (meaning where is Kyle)....she just could NOT believe how he's grown! :) After she loved on Ky for a bit he  said "gracias"...LOL...he's so cute!

can you see what's wrong with this picture? MEN in the kitchen! lol
my beautiful sis, Crystal. She made the baked ziti for the dinner..it was delicious!
my boys...love them to pieces!
Jen & Kevin with Ben (Kevin's best man) and his girl..I'm sorry I don't know her name.
DINNER! scrumptious!

Crystal and Adam!
Brooke. She is so adorable! She was born 10 or 12 days after Kyle. :)
Ta Da! Dessert! The bottom is a mold of chocolate!

Dad being goofy :)

Kevin & Ky!

Adam & Ky!


This is a quilt hanging above the sink in the kitchen!
 And...don't think I'm crazy...but while in the storage closet looking for something...I saw this box....intriguing...I wanted to look inside of it SO badly...but I didn't.

Saturday was the wedding. I don't really have any pics from it but I do have us before we left the house! It was a daytime wedding, so that was really nice. :)
My handsome boy!

Ronnie & I.
I am not thrilled with these pics of myself but oh well. 
It was a great celebration weekend! Kyle cut a rug the ENTIRE time during the reception. I do have some hilarious video I took with my phone but it is too dark. Watching all my Cuban family out on the dance floor had me in stitches ALL night :o) It was so great to see them all. I only get to do that every few years! 

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