Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This & That

I have been covering the church office part of last week and a couple of days this week...so I have not had a chance to really blog. Now that I've gotten back into the swing of it, I can hardly stand to go a day without journaling my life. So...here is a little of this & a little of that from the past week and a half...
Last Wednesday:

Ronnie cuddling the bunny! So cute!! (I'm not really supposed to post this pic...hee hee)
We were SOOO worn out! I don't remember exactly what we did that day but we were hot and sweaty from working outside.
we finally burned up all that wood that's been sitting in the fire pit.
Jacob needed some lovins :)

 I've decided to paint my cabinet faces. I want them red! I want the kitchen to be brown/black & red. (The counter tops are brown and black)

 Ronnie thought I was completely crazy and he got the paint counter guy and the cabinet lady at Lowe's to try and talk me out of it. But I had a vision...and I knew what I wanted to do would look great. (I had wrapped the cabinet doors in red fabric to see if I liked it prior to buying the supplies)

I had to lightly sand off the finish, clean the wood with a degreaser, then paint!
Pretty simple, actually!

this is the color paint I chose.

TA DA! 2 done and a BUNCH more to go. :) Whatdya think?
Last Friday:

 Friday I went and had lunch with my Mom & John! It's been a while since we have gotten together, so this was a real treat!
I went to take a picture and they both turned and looked at each other-at the same time! LOL
much better! :)
And of course, I HAD to get a pic of Mattie. I love her so much :) She is so spoiled there!!
Mom is all excited because she got new appliances and now has an ice and water dispenser on her fridge door! :)

 Notice how Mattie had to be in both pics :)

Sunday, once we were all home from our various activities, we decided to chill in the yard.
Patches hanging out with me on the chair. She is so funny in her harness!
Ronnie lost a piece to the pond filtration system in the pond...so he decided to drain it to try and find it.
she just laid there content as can be...
Jimmy came and hung out for a bit.

I'm not sure why but I just thought this was so cute! Both of them holding onto the hose.
adorable! (btw, that litter box is not used as a litter box, but as a mini play area for the ducks).
 Out front is lookin' good!

except for this one.. :(( butterfly and bee attractant-bit the dust

Stephen came over and did some work for me! He tore out ALL of that wood, dirt, mulch and debris from around this tree!
Doesn't this look great!? It looks SO much better than that border thing it had around and built up it!

Inside the house:
This is my sewing room closet. Quilt tops to the left and right of clothes that I just HAD to get for my various nieces and nephews. There are clothes in there for Emily, Madi, Cody, Hayleigh, Aria & Alliyah! I know, I am addicted!

I surprised Ky by hanging Star Wars curtains in his room! He was SO excited!


Those of you who know my dear 'ol bestie, you know this is necessary, lol.

This is what Ronnie and Kyle found when they were putting the canoe away Sunday afternoon!
yellow rat snake
 He was so docile. They "played" with him for a bit before releasing back into the yard.

Thanks for reading about my life! Stay tuned for a post on the Canoe Adventure!

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