Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cub Scouts! Handyman Activity Badge!~

My Webelos I scouts were needing some hands-on requirements met in order to complete their Handyman Activity badge. Ronnie set the race car up so that they could work on their achievements using it. So...Tuesday's Den meeting was held at our house. Ronnie ended up working late so Eddie came down to teach the boys...and was AWESOME at it!

Learning to adjust the seat on a bicycle:

 Learning to "grease up" a bike chain:

 Learning how to change a tire!!


 Checking the oil!!

As strange as this the midst of all these "vehicular" things...the next requirement was changing a light bulb in a we did that too!

 And we only had ONE broken bulb! Yay!

Last, but not least, the boys learned how to replace a taillight.

 Then they all took a turn sitting in the race car :) They thought it was super cool!

We had a wonderful evening! The boys really learned a lot of "life skills" and Eddie did an excellent job teaching them!

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Lisa said...

That is so great that they were able to learn all of those things. The only one thing that I know how to do out of all of that is change a lightbulb!! LOL