Friday, May 4, 2012

Sewing with Nancy!

Nancy and Eddie are moving back to Nevada at the end of the month...this was an unexpected change but I am happy for them. So, with knowing that, Nancy is trying to get several WIP's to a good stopping point before then. She would like each quilt top to be completed, rather than in pieces.
We sewed together for quite some time on Wednesday. Ronnie was off of work but he and Eddie went we were able to get a lot done!

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I finally finished stitching down all of the applique in my Spring Applique Quilt. Here are the blocks in their proper place but not yet squared up. I decided that this would be my top priority this day.

 Nancy finishing the sashing on her quilt...this was her top priority for this day.
 Lucy-Nancy's dog- always has to be near her momma :)
 almost done!

 In the meantime, I was stitching the antennaes on all my butterflies...

This was SO DARNED ADORABLE!!!! Patches was sleeping and Shorty's tail was on her :)

Ta Da! Nancy finished the sashing. She is going to add a dark pink border to make this throw quilt just a tad larger, but she wants to pre-wash the pink first, so it doesn't bleed to the white.
 So...since she was at a stopping point on that one and we still had time to sew, she went home and got this quilt...her other project that she really wants to finish before leaving for Nevada. This quilt has no pattern...she has come up with this all on her own! Isn't it amazing!??!

Here are my blocks...all squared up but not yet sewn together.....
 Ta da! Sewn together! I LOVE IT!
 Now all I have left is the borders and then to drop it off at the long-arm-er! I cannot wait!!

And Nancy got all but two seams sewn on hers! She will def have those done before she leaves!

Jacob is so precious....he just sleeps away under my sewing table while I am sewing :)

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Lisa said...

I absolutely LOVE your Spring Quilt! It looks so GREAT! I cant wait to see it with the final borders!
And... I really like what Nancy did with her quilt! What a neat-o concept! She is very creative!