Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Did Yesterday / Process Post

Yesterday I spent around the house..ALLL DAYYY..it was GREAT!
On Sunday we were supposed to have a BBQ but my husband was ill. So I has 8.5 pounds of ground beef thawed out! YIKES!
I decided to go ahead and season them & make them into hamburger patties to freeze.

 I made about 35 or 40 patties in all..and I HAD to keep some out for dinner! :)

I listed some homeschool curriculum for sale on the various HS groups. I didn't get to all of it listed, but at least I made a dent in it :)

 I sure do miss homeschooling. I am so reluctant to sell my middle school curriculum  in case we end up homeschooling again. I don't know what the future holds, but as of now Kyle absolutely loves public school...and there aren't any issues with it...so....

I guess since I was having a somewhat lazy day...the animals decided they would too. I walked out of the sewing room and this is what I saw as I went along...
Jacob napping
Patches napping...yes that is her BACK leg up by her head, lol.
Linus napping...caught him mid-yawn :)
and Lissie napping!
 Just seeing them made me tired!

Next I headed into the sewing room to complete the quilt top that I had listed on my Design Wall Monday post. All I had left to do was add the final border. The border fabric is actually the same as the squares in the centers....
 Then I decided to pull this quilt out and FINALLY quilt it. (It's been pinned and hanging in my closet for almost a year now)

 BUT...I couldn't find a thread color for the backing that I was happy with...so off to the side it went...again :)

I pulled out these scraps left over from a doll quilt project I made last year...hmmm...
 what to do with them...
 PINWHEELS! (I love pinwheels)

 I decided to sew them together into a table topper/doll quilt sized piece.
I looked over and Patches was napping (again) on my daybed. I thought it was so cute that she was laying on top of a quilted quilt, just waiting on the binding...up against a quilt top that is awaiting a border and next to a quilt book. :o) Made me smile!
 Here was my thought for the border...
 Ta DA! I love it! It's completely UN-uniformed but I love it. I am using the leftover scraps to piece a scrappy backing :)
And as I looked out my sewing room window last night, I saw this beautiful sunset and just had to go outside and take a picture. I love where I live.


ANudge said...

What a wonderful post. You were busy! I really like your unplanned small quilt. Very pretty and you were resourceful.

Susan said...

Lisa, you want some fabric? Lots of fabric!!

Lisa said...

ANudge: Thank you for commenting on my blog! I LOVE when people do :)
Ms. C...I can never say no to fabric! ;) I know we lost touch about me getting over there, but seriously, yes...let's try to plan it!