Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ronnie's 34th Birthday!

Tuesday, May 8th was Ronnie's 34th birthday!

Kyle decided he wanted to wrap Daddy's present in Cars wrapping paper and he wanted to use duct tape. 

 And that he wanted to use the ENTIRE roll to wrap and rewrap the gift so Daddy would have to open it 4 times! (He is his father's child).

Patches got curious :)

last time!
the table was ready when he got home from work :)
reading his cards from family & friends! I saved the ones that came in the mail so he could open them all on his bday. 

present time! Look at Kyle's face in this pic! I love it!
multiple layers! :)
hmmm...what is it?
"is it aaaaaa....."
US Coast Guard edition Monopoly!!! yay!! He actually guessed Monopoly when he was shaking it, lol
eating some dinner...Linus had to be right there with him :)
 Then we had cake!!
 and played Monopoly!

"Look at the neat Coast Guard playing pieces!"

we had donuts too :)
Everything is so neat on the board...all CG related. Really cool stuff.
Ronnie was all bothered that Kyle purchased the HH-60 Jayhawk before he could LOL :o)
It was a great night celebrating! I love Ronnie with all that I am and I am SO very blessed to be his wife.

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Lisa said...

Awe.... this is such a cute post! :)