Monday, May 7, 2012

Design Wall Monday-May 7th

Here it is:
this is what I am working with. I picked these up, pre-made, as a way to throw a quick, but cute, quilt together.  Obviously, she was working on a disappearing 9-patch (see center square). 

 Here's a close-up.

Here are my I leave it set up this way and just fill in with 4 blocks where there is white? Here is the extra fabric I have:

Or should I cut the other 4 to make disappearing 9 patch blocks with them as them all together and then border it with the fish fabric?
Or?? suggestions?

I do think I have enough to make one more 9-patch block like the ones above...maybe I should make that, then sew them all into the disappearing 9patch blocks and sew them all together in a 2x3 pattern-then border with the fish fabric....hmmm...i like that idea. I would love to hear YOUR feedback though!

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Lisa said...

I think that you should make another block and cut them all into disappearing 9 patches and then border it all with the fish fabric.
You can use the rest of the fist fabric as backing fabric (if you have enough) or as binding.
It's looking good.
Happy Sewing,