Monday, May 7, 2012

A Weekend of non-stop FUN!

We had an INCREDIBLY busy weekend this weekend!
It started off with Logan's 10th birthday at Fiddler's Green Ranch!
It was so much fun! It was a beautiful place and the kids went horseback riding.

birthday girl!!

Alli was hot and tired ;) I thought this pic was so cute!


Kyle finally got to go!He had to wait until all the girls went first :o)

no hands, Mom!

the trees were so pretty...they reminded me of Mount Dora.

Alli & Evan rode together-SO CUTE!

this pic is fuzzy but I loved it too much to delete! Alli was giggling ;)

"hi Lisa!"

LMBO! Evan was REALLY mad when he had to get down, LOL!

so he rode with Madi too :o)

Next we did presents!
this is what we got Logan. I had never heard of Teacup Piggies...but thought they were just adorable!

and we HAD to get a lil outfit for her too!

Beth told me I had better not put this pic of this cake on here, lol. She said she has good pics when it was first done-before it was transported in the car and sat in the heat :) She made the cake herself and it was yummy!

can you tell how hot it was?

while everyone else was eating cake and chitty chatting.. Ronnie decided to go take the horse to the grass to graze. LOL, he is so funny :)

this pic is fuzzy but I couldn't toss it b/c he is telling the horse to look at the camera! LOL!!
After the birthday party we went out to my Uncle Tom's to get our canoe. Their house is like a kid heaven! Kyle ended up staying the night! Aunt LeAnn's sister came into town with her husband, 5 kids, two dogs and a number of cats as well! They are in their RV traveling from South Florida to Alaska (!!) for a permanent move!
Kyle was in the pool within 5 minutes of us getting there.

and the trampolines!!

whoo hoo!

playhouse/fort my uncle made for Leighton.

barn, complete with loft he made for Joey & Jimmy. (The rabbits live in there too, lol)

my beautiful Leighton :o)

"See you later!" 

meet "Snowball". The bunny Ky brought home :) (I will post all about her in a separate post).

After we got home Sunday evening, Nancy and the kids stopped by and played for a little bit:

I am EXHAUSTED from the weekend! I drove from Mt. Dora to Altoona, back to Mt. Dora then to Ocala then to Leesburg then Mt. Dora--that was Saturday....on Sunday I drove from Mt. Dora to Leesburg to Ocala to The Villages to Ocala to Mt. Dora. yowzers! Good thing my car gets great gas mileage!

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