Monday, May 28, 2012

Canoeing the Dora Canal

Ronnie, Kyle & my Dad were supposed to be going on a canoeing/camping trip down the Econ. Unfortunately my Dad got sick and so they had to postpone their trip. So....Ronnie and Kyle went on a trip of their own! The canoed the Dora Canal for two days :)

On Saturday I took Alyssa out to breakfast!

And I got her a cappuccino!!
She was so worried that she would get in trouble for drinking this that she had me text her Mom and Dad and tell them I ordered it for her! LOL :) She's adorable!

After breakfast, I met up with Ronnie and Kyle so they could row me around to see the beautiful scenery!
 They picked me up on the banks of the canal.
And they rowed me around for hours, like a queen! :)

see the gator?

this fish LITERALLY jumped into the canoe! It scared me and Kyle! lol  :0)


There were SO many neat trees, etc.

this was REALLY cool!


this pic is a little blurry but we were cracking up at how this turtle was all sprawled out! 

It was a wonderfully relaxing time in nature. I enjoyed it SO much!

On Sunday they also hit a lake (or pond, not sure which) and Kyle caught a fish! It was little but it made his day :)

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